Xiaomi is building a plant in Beijing for 300,000 electric cars annually

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Chinese cell phone manufacturer is actually getting into the automotive industry. The first cars are expected for 2024

Xiaomi is building a plant in Beijing for 300,000 electric cars annually-beijing

In September we booked it under "rumors", but the news is apparently correct: the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is entering the automotive industry. The company will now build an auto plant in Beijing that can produce 300,000 electric cars a year. Reuters reports this, citing Chinese authorities.

In addition to the plant, the headquarters of Xiaomi‘s new auto division will also come to Beijing, as will development. The official business development agency Beijing E-Town announced via WeChat that series production would start in 2024. Xiaomi boss Lei Jun announced this goal in October.

It is not yet known what type of electric car Xiaomi is planning. However, Cnevpost reports that Xiaomi and competitor Huawei now want to invest 500 million yuan (approx. 69 million euros) in the solid-state battery specialist Solid State Lion (aka Welion). The two cell phone manufacturers may have hopes of being able to use Welion’s technology in their own electric cars.

According to the Cnevpost report, Welion is also the supplier for the 150 kWh solid-state battery, announced by Nio. The first batteries are to be delivered in 2022, initially smaller ones with 70 and 100 kWh, and then at the end of 2022 the large 150 kWh battery, which should give the Nio ET7 a range of 1,000 kilometers.

According to the September rumors, Xiaomi plans to launch a new model of electric car every year from 2024, selling a total of 900,000 cars. The rumors were based on indiscretions at a supplier.

Xiaomi plans to invest ten billion dollars in the new electric car division over the next ten years. However, Xiaomi is initially expecting losses of ten percent because manufacturers such as Geely, GAC, Nio or Xpeng have already established themselves well on the Chinese market. Xiaomi apparently expects an advantage from its smartphone business in China. In the future, these should also mediate the sale of electric cars.

Other cell phone manufacturers with e-car ambitions: Xiaomi is building a plant in Beijing for 300,000 electric cars annually-plant Apple now wants to develop electric cars on its own again

Xiaomi is building a plant in Beijing for 300,000 electric cars annually-building Huawei allegedly wants to bring its own electric cars onto the market

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