Would you drive this Taycan work of art?

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The electric Porsche has a painting by Richard Philips on the body

Would you drive this Taycan work of art?-this

Let's see the most colorful Taycan here of the world? In collaboration with Porsche Schweiz AG and the well-known American artist Richard Phillips, SIGNal has designed the first all-electric Porsche-Sports car create a unique work of art out of foil.

The Taycan Artcar was created in December 2020 with the help of the professional car wrappers from SIGNal Design. It is one of a kind. With the support of the RM Sotheby’s auction house, the work of art will be auctioned online at the beginning of April. The entire auction proceeds will benefit the non-profit association Suisseculture Sociale.

Richard Phillips transferred his large-format painting "Queen of the Night", which was created in 2010 based on the work of the legendary Swiss landscape painter Adolf Dietrich, onto the body of the Porsche Taycan 4S.

The work shows a three-dimensional arrangement of elements and details of the approximately 8 square meter painting, which organically extends from the bonnet over the front fenders and over the doors and with the leaves of the night bloomer gives a feeling of speed.

Would you drive this Taycan work of art?-taycan

"The whole blaze of color of 'Queen of the Night' unfolds at the rear of the car, where the flower of the 'Queen of the Night' completely envelops the bumper and is impressively illuminated by the Taycan's characteristic horizontal light bar," says Phillips.

"The starting point for the design concept of my 'Queen of the Night' was the Taycan as an immediately recognizable symbol for electric mobility and speed. Dietrich's close relationship with the landscape was more than just a representation of his surroundings. It was intended to express the soul of Switzerland and Lake Constance For this, his art is recognized worldwide and it is something that moved me deeply. "

Like the wrapping of the 911 RSR from 2019 in Le Mans, the wrapping of the Taycan SIGNal design from Schwabisch Hall in Baden-Wurttemberg was also implemented. Phillips' work of art was printed in full size on vinyl in new perspectives and angles according to the artist's ideas and then applied to the vehicle with the help of heat guns.

For this reason, the Taycan Artcar is touring through various Porsche Centers in Switzerland and can be viewed: from March 1st at the Porsche Center in Geneva and from March 22nd at the Porsche Center in Zurich. After the auction, the Artcar will be in the Porsche Center Zug, where it will be handed over to the highest bidder.

More about the Porsche Taycan: Would you drive this Taycan work of art?-electric Porsche painting Richard Philips Taycan Cross Turismo has its world premiere on March 4th

Would you drive this Taycan work of art?-drive Porsche Taycan (2021): Version with rear-wheel drive in the first test

The auction at RM Sotheby’s and is aimed at interested parties all over the world. The online auction starts on April 6, 2021 and runs for seven days until April 13 on the RM Sotheby’s website. All partners of the project – from artist Richard Phillips to RM Sotheby’s to SIGNal Design – waive a commission or commission for a good cause.

Porsche Schweiz AG is bringing the Porsche Taycan 4S, including the wrapping, into the auction. The entire proceeds from the auction will be donated to Suisseculture Sociale to support Swiss cultural workers.

Picture gallery: Porsche Taycan 4S Art Car

Would you drive this Taycan work of art?-electric Porsche painting Richard Philips

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