World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster


The Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster

World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-world

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At the end of the steep curve of the VW test track in Ehra-Lessien, Lower Saxony, racing driver Anthony Liu in the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has a top speed of 210 km / h. Now he appears fullys gas, and…

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-bugatti The goal is a … ">

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… the car now has an almost nine-kilometer straight in front of it to accelerate. Goal is one…

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-faster

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… world record of more than 400 km / h, and in the end…

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-Bugatti drives faster faster faster

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… the monitor shows that the Bugatti has achieved this goal without difficulty. The diagram below the number shows the time on the X-axis (from left to right) and der Y-axis (from bottom to top) the speed.

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-record

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Highly concentrated before the start: the Chinese racing driver, real estate investor and Bugatti customer Anthony Liu, 29.

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-Bugatti drives faster faster faster

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After the drive at the "turning area south": Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber congratulates his record pilot, the…

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World record: the Bugatti drives faster, faster and faster-Bugatti drives faster faster faster

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… had previously been prepared for the special requirements of the high-speed line by Bugatti‘s chief test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel.

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A dispute has broken out over the title of the fastest production car in the world. That doesn’t prevent Bugatti from setting another record: the one for the fastest production sports car without a roof.

I.Somewhere north, about six kilometers away, Anthony Liu depresses the accelerator. Nobody can see or hear that. Not the two gentlemen from TuV, not the board members, nor the guests of honor. The historical moment begins behind the horizon.

Before that, Liu had driven his Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse almost exactly 210 km / h for almost two minutes. After that, an almost nine-kilometer straight begins that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

You can only guess what this straight line means if you look at the screen that you have set up here at “Wendeplatz Sud”. It looks like the monitor is choking.

If it were warmer, the car would be even better

The 1200 hp 16-cylinder engine with its four turbochargers runs in fourth of seven gears at the end of the curve and now pushes Liu’s car forward so emphatically that the numbers on the screen only appear sporadically.

Again and again the display skips whole tens, within seven seconds the Bugatti has accelerated from 210 to 300 km / h, another seven seconds pass up to a speed of 350, only then does the car feel a little more difficult.

The air now forms almost 90 percent of the resistance that the sports car has to overcome. If it weren’t that cold (eight degrees), the Bugatti could be faster, warm air has a lower density, weighs less, so the car wouldn’t have to push as much weight in front of it.

On a warm summer day, seven or eight kilometers an hour more would be possible, suspects Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber. Whenever you talk about Bugatti, wonderful stories from the world of numbers and physics always come up on the table.

The Bugatti covers 111 meters per second

The monitor shows 380 km / h, and now the car can also be seen by the onlookers on the guardrail. Black and orange, painted carbon fiber, headlights on, the massive car looks very small, although the three-lane route is not very wide.

If you didn’t know, it would be difficult to see that Liu is wearing a helmet and is walking with the roof open. The speed makes the car shrink, the eye has difficulty tracking the focus, then the monitor shows Tempo 400.

The Bugatti now covers 111 meters per second, it gets bigger quickly, but hardly sharper. 405, 407, there is a noise as if an ICE is speeding by, only duller and much shorter, and then the Bugatti is gone again and the number on the monitor stands still: 408.84 km / h – a world record for open road vehicles . But that may not mean anything at all.

Bugatti had dispensed with a Guinness Book of Records juror. Since 2010 the world record has been held for series vehicles with the likewise 1200 hp, but closed and aerodynamically more favorable Veyron Super Sport: 431.072 km / h. However, since last weekend the record guards have been complaining that there had been "an oversight" "in the judgment on the fastest production car," as Guinness spokesman Jaime Strang said.

There’s no argument about the roadster record

It’s about the electronic speed limiter. When the Super Sport is delivered, the top speed is limited to 415 km / h, this lock had been lifted for the record attempt. And that’s why "Guinness World Records" apparently now, almost three years later, no longer sees the Bugatti as a production car in the sense of the record rules (the "Welt" reported).

Now it could even be that the 1183 hp Ultimate Aero TT from the American company Shelby Supercars is once again the fastest production car in the world: In 2007, the car had replaced the Bugatti Veyron with a speed of 412, i.e. the basic model with 1001 hp.

At the beginning of April 2013 the American Hennessey Venom GT was even faster with 427.6 km / h, but no Guinness examiners were present when it was attempted, so there will be no entry in the Book of Records.

Anthony Liu leaves it all rather cold. His name is now associated with the fastest production roadster of all time, and the 408.84 km / h cannot be denied: with the roof open, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has remained below the electronic speed limit, which is 410 for this car km / h is set.

"No interference from the wind"

If you take the roof off a car, the aerodynamics inevitably deteriorate, which is why the Vitesse openly has no chance of approaching the equally powerful Super Sport. The changed balance of the car is compensated for with changed wing settings and with a wind deflector, which you have to put on the frame of the windshield after removing the roof part.

“The Vitesse is incredibly comfortable and stable even at high speeds. With the roof open, you can experience the sound of the engine immediately, and even at this speed I didn’t feel any interference from the wind, ”said Liu after his record run.

That is not wrong, like the "world" on its own test drive could determine with about 330 km / h. The engine and wind roar in competition, but the hair stays reasonably calm and the car is as stable as a train.

Only the owners of the car or professionals like Anthony Liu are allowed to drive faster at Bugatti. For the 29-year-old, racing is "just a side career". The Chinese, who grew up in Los Angeles, earns his living as a developer of commercial real estate in Shanghai.

The record driver has ordered a Bugatti

A kind of young, Far Eastern Donald Trump is Liu, he just appears more reserved. Nevertheless, two or three sentences are enough to describe his financial position: For the city he likes to use one of his SUVs, the Range Rover V8 or the Mercedes G 65 AMG.

And he just bought the Bugatti. No, not the World Record Edition, limited to eight copies (1.99 million euros plus taxes). “Do you know the Birkin Bag from Herm├Ęs? My Bugatti looks something like that, pink and purple. ”Sometimes speed isn’t the most important thing.

Addendum: There was confusion in England for about a week, then Guinness World Records made a decision – the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports speed record will not be revoked.

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