World record: Bobbycar with 180 hp drives 119 km / h


My bobby car has 180 hp and drives 119 things

World record: Bobbycar with 180 hp drives 119 km / h-world

Intoxicated by speed: Dirk Auer drove his jet-powered bobby car at 119 km / h. World record!


How good that Dirk Auer’s daughter is older. Otherwise she would have to fight violently with her father about the Bobbycar. Because the extreme athlete races faster on the toy than some drive a car.

W.hen the man didn’t play too long with Evel Knievel’s characters in his youth. Because somehow Dirk Auer from Grob-Gerau is just as daring as the American stuntman. The only difference is that 46-year-old Hesse does not live out his addiction to speed on a motorcycle, but on a vehicle that is usually driven by children: a bobby car.

He even has a world record at the beginning of August 2018 set up and was the first person to reach a top speed of 119 km / h. And there would have been even more, because Auer was slowed down by a technical defect, otherwise it would have been enough for 150 to 200 km / h, he is quite sure of that.

Of course, Auer’s racing version no longer has much in common with the bobby car that his daughter used to play with. The body is made of carbon, the chassis has been reinforced, the steering wheel protrudes further out of the car and the seat carries the grown man.

World record: Bobbycar with 180 hp drives 119 km / h-Bugatti drives faster faster faster

An engine is built into the reinforced children’s vehicle, and Auer carries two additional jet drives on each forearm


But above all, the bobby car now has a drive – and what kind of drive: a small jet turbine in the car and two that Auer straps to his arms together generate 180 hp and enable acceleration values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are even for a Lamborghini the air is getting thin: "I shouldn’t need much more than 2.5 seconds from 0 to 100 if everything goes smoothly," says Auer.

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly when he attempted a record. A turbine did not ignite immediately during training, then it flooded and finally started with a big fireball. It looked spectacular, but it cost Auer two thirds of his performance and he had to break the record with one engine.

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World record: Bobbycar with 180 hp drives 119 km / h-Bugatti drives faster faster faster

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And it wasn’t completely harmless either. But that doesn’t really matter anymore when he is almost lying on his back and wearing only a motorcycle suit and lets 120 things shoot two hand’s breadth across the asphalt and has nothing but the soles of his feet to brake.

World records with the car? This is too expensive!

Auer is not afraid. The engineer is used to dangerous actions at high speed. After all, he’s already been on inline skates with his rockets buckle up or attach to a sports car with a speed of over 300 km / h hanged. And parachute jumps with a turbine drive on your arm and a bobby car under your bum are not something you do every day.

He can hardly wait until he can start again in a month or two. In normal traffic, however, he is rather civilized. And when he’s not breaking some crazy records, the engineer works for an injection molding specialist who, for example, produces small series parts for the motorsport department at Porsche manufactures.

World record: Bobbycar with 180 hp drives 119 km / h-bobbycar

Hot ride: During the first attempt, the bobby car suddenly caught fire. Cancellation! In the end, however, the record still worked

Source: dpa

Nevertheless, it has never occurred to him to tune cars and set records with them. His 300 hp Jaguar F-Type is enough for him on the road. “Because if you want to break something, you have to build a rocket drive or a Bugatti tune, ”he learned. And neither is financially feasible for Hessen.

Even if each turbine cost 7,000 euros, the conversion of the Bobbycar was a bargain, says Auer. And it is also guaranteed to attract more attention. Because when a bobby car races past you with 120 items and a huge tail of fire, no one turns around, even after a Bugatti.

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