World premiere: New S-Class – powerful cooler, slim flanks


New S-Classpowerful cooler, slim flanks

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-s-class

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The new S-Class immediately catches the eye with its gigantic radiator grille. It makes the car wide, although at 1.90 meters (without mirrors) it is only three centimeters in this dimension has grown. An Audi A8 is even five centimeters wider than the new S-Class.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-cooler

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In this generation of the S-Class, the 5.25-meter-long long version was the focus of development, from which the 5.12-meter-long standard model was derived. In addition, es later there will be an XL model.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-powerful

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The so-called “dropping line” is clearly recognizable, a character line sloping backwards on the flank that characterizes most Mercedes models today.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-world

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On the side of the rear light there is a very small, very sharp tear-off edge that reduces air turbulence at the rear and thus helps to maintain the record drag coefficient of 0.24n.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-powerful

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Ambient light in the new S-Class: the occupants can choose between several colors.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-s-class

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And when the sun is shining, you can see the emphasis on width in the interior very well. This also applies to …

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-powerful

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… the driver’s workplace. He looks at two side-by-side color screens with a 30-inch diagonal and a cinema-like aspect ratio of 24: 9.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-premiere

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The rev counter and speedometer only look like classic analog instruments – in truth, they are moving images on a high-resolution screen.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-premiere

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The long version of the S-Class offers princely knee room at the rear, and as an extra you can of course have screens for the infotainment program and individual comfort settingsevenings.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-powerful

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The rear seats can be converted into very comfortable recliners with calf support (also for a surcharge), almost like in business class on a plane.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-powerful

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Get in: the new S-Class is making enormous strides in terms of interior design and comfort. Both the front and rear seats should be taken for a test driveuse.

Source: Daimler

World premiere: New S-Class - powerful cooler, slim flanks-s-class

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At 79,789.50 euros, the preliminary basic model S 350 BlueTec (diesel V6, 258 hp) is around 3400 euros more expensive than its predecessor. The model S 400 Hybrid shown here with a long wheelbase costs 91,094.50 euros.

Source: Daimler

Mercedes celebrates its premiere: The luxury sedan is almost no frills, but it has it all: With an auto-pilot, cozy armchairs and a massage function, it is like traveling on a magic carpet.

B.With this car you don’t skimp on big words: When Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche speaks of the S-Class, for him it is nothing less than the “best car in the world”. So it’s no wonder that the bar was set high for the new edition of the Swabian flagship, which was unveiled at a major gala in Hamburg and will go on sale after the summer vacation: “The task was not safety or aesthetics, performance or efficiency , Comfort or dynamism. But in every dimension our claim was: the best or nothing. No other car embodies the Mercedes-Benz brand promise like the S-Class, ”says Zetsche.

The luxury sedan may not revolutionize the world, but it will at least shift the benchmarks in the House of Lords a little.

Before the cloth was pulled, annoying, formal hurdles had to be negotiated. It is about the refrigerant R1234yf in the air conditioning systems. The EU prescribes the environmentally friendly substance for all manufacturers in their new models. Because the Stuttgart-based company considers the substance to be highly flammable and therefore boycotted it and insisted on continuing to use the tried and tested refrigerant R134a, their flagship was even threatened with withdrawal of approval.

Daimler is now using a trick – like Audi and BMW, by the way – to retrospectively relocate the approval to the past: The S-Class will not be approved with a new type approval, but as a model extension of its predecessor, as the Federal Motor Transport Authority as the competent approval authority has now confirmed . This means that the date for the first registration is formally before January 1, 2011. It would have been a sensation if Mercedes hadn’t put the S-Class on the road.

Leaked brochure photos on the net

The design of the new car is still the smallest surprise. Firstly, because photos from brochures or model cars have been trickling onto the Internet for weeks and months and you have been able to get used to the shape very slowly. And secondly, because head of design Gordon Wagner didn’t do any big experiments on the outside this time.

Yes, there are the idiosyncratic torches in the large headlights, the flank is more strongly contoured by two sharp folds and the rear comes together narrowly like a coupe. But with its proud grill and stately format, the S-Class can be recognized at first glance as the big Mercedes par excellence – especially since the dimensions have changed little: the standard model is now 5.12 meters and the long version is 5.25 meters . And the wheelbase is 3.04 and 3.17 meters, as it used to be.

The Swabians made much more of an impression with the first seat test in the interior, which has grown by a few millimeters in every dimension: The S-Class is experienced as a spa-class that envelops all occupants with an unprecedented wellness factor: the Cozy leather armchairs simulate a hot stone massage with heated air cushions, fans and air conditioning at the push of a button. The tailor-made fragrance dispenser in the glove compartment stages the personal aroma therapy with four specially composed perfumes, and in the rear there is a reclining chair on request, for which the journey cannot be long enough.

Like a magic carpet

The forward-looking chassis also fits, the comfort of which the developers like to compare with a magic carpet: because the S-Class constantly scans the road, it knows in advance which potholes and bumps it is threatened with and adjusts the suspension so precisely in fractions of a second that the limousine rumbles completely unmoved over such bad stretches.

If you prefer to be stimulated rather than reassured, there is a wide range of infotainment options to choose from. Not only the passengers in the rear look at two huge monitors in the iPad design. The driver also sits in a digital world: where the classic round instruments used to be, there are now two huge monitors, each more than 30 centimeters diagonal, which literally float under their high-gloss cover glass and in a silver frame in front of the dashboard. The instruments are simulated on the left and the most brilliant graphics and animations that you have ever seen in the car are displayed on the right.

The developers apparently also have certain doubts that with this feel-good program anyone is still concentrating on the road. That is why the army of electronic guardian angels is continuing to upgrade for the S-Class. Above all, they are relying on a new stereo camera that can look up to 500 meters ahead and enables the electronics to see a kind of spatial vision.

Hands on the steering wheel in spite of the auto-pilot

With it, the S-Class now also recognizes crossing pedestrians or other cars at intersections in city traffic and automatically climbs into the iron before a fatal accident occurs. In addition, she can simply hang on to the vehicle in front in a traffic jam and even follow him when changing lanes. The law still requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, otherwise the quasi-autopilot switches off after 15 seconds.

But the vision of autonomous driving is getting closer again and is no longer a taboo subject for the developers. After all, only then can you fully enjoy the new spa class.

And if there should be a crash, there are also a few innovations for passive safety. The seat belt buckles in the rear, for example, are now retracted electrically after buckling up, and an additional airbag is installed in the belt strap for those in the back of the seat.

A 3 before the decimal point for consumption

More comfort, more assistance systems and more safety than ever before – these were just three of the main areas of development for the new S-Class. While these are primarily based on electronics, classic vehicle construction should not be neglected and above all serve the efficiency of the luxury liner. It is not significantly lighter than its predecessor and still weighs around two tons, and the engines in the starting edition have been revised at best.

But with the best drag coefficient in its class, a lot of technical fine-tuning and two hybrid versions, the S-Class is still a clean man: 4.4 liters stand for the new diesel hybrid with 204 classic and 37 electric hp in the data sheet. And it shouldn’t stay that way. In addition to the gasoline engines with twelve or six cylinders and, of course, the AMG variants, there will also be a plug-in hybrid in 2014, says head of development Thomas Weber: “This will be the first S-Class that will have a 3 in front of the decimal point when it comes to consumption. "

Until then, customers will have a choice of three other drive variants in addition to the S 300 BlueTec Hybrid: The S 400 will be launched as the second hybrid, in which the electric motor is connected to a 306 hp V6 petrol engine. And for fans of pure emptiness there is the V8 petrol engine in the 455 hp S500 and the V6 diesel engine in the S 350 with 258 hp.

S-Class in XL

But the Swabians not only have a lot up their sleeves when it comes to engines. The number of body variants is also to be greater than ever before: In addition to the current standard S-Class and the long version, which is so important for export to Asia and America, there will also be S-Classes in XL, with which the former Maybach Make friends with customers.

And for the aestheticians among the multitudes, there is not only a successor to the S-Class Coupe CL, but also, for the first time in recent history, a really large Mercedes convertible.

An army of assistants, possibly the finest interior of all luxury class models, the promise of maximum comfort and significantly reduced fuel consumption – even if the S-Class is perhaps not the undisputed best car in the world, the Swabians can still be proud of their new flagship and sometimes spit a few big tones – especially since they even show good restraint towards their customers. Because with a basic price of 79 790 euros, the new S-Class is hardly more expensive than the old one.

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