What women want from cars – seven examples


You can steer with just one hand, even at 180 km / h

What women want from cars - seven examples-cars

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What women want from cars - seven examples-women

The Berlin lawyer Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun believes the car is a good place to be silent

Source: Juliane Werner

Freedom, relaxation and intimacy are important to them, coolness is secondary. Seven passionate drivers explain why the car is more to them than a simple means of transportation.

S.ou love to drive fast and steer with one hand even at 180 km / h. You are happy about the concentrated power under the hood and like to let yourself be carried away. They clean their own cars and sometimes even take refuge behind the wheel to have some peace and quiet.

Tamara von Schenk, product designer from London: "There is something meditative about driving a car"

What women want from cars - seven examples-women

Simplicity, nothing computer-controlled: Tamara von Schenk in front of her Karmann Ghia

Source: Muir Vidler

PS WORLD: Why do you drive such an eye-catching car?

Tamara von Schenk: Everyone in my family drives old cars, and my father also drove races. It’s not about being conspicuous, but about the fact that I feel very comfortable in my Karmann Ghia: its simplicity, nothing computer-controlled. It’s so straightforward. I’ve been driving it every day for 16 years.

PS WORLD: Which signals do you send out in it??

Tamara von Schenk: I am always fascinated when little boys, even two-year-olds, point their fingers excitedly at my car. Because they see that it’s something special. The red seats are rather unusual. I have "remodeled" it a bit.

PS WORLD: Your best experience on the red leather?

Tamara von Schenk: My kids messing around when I pick them up from school. They’re squeezed in at the back, with Flint, our giant dog, on top.

PS WORLD: Something that only works in a car other than driving it?

Tamara von Schenk: Driving a car can be meditative. Like drawing. Sometimes I literally run into the car to have some peace and quiet. Or sit down for a while after I’ve got somewhere, drink my cappuccino, which is stuck between the handbrake and the seat, and argue with my mother on the cell phone.

What women want from cars - seven examples-examples

The best ideas come while driving: Anna Jill Lupertz in her BMW Z3

Source: Juliane Werner

PS WORLD: What childhood memories do you associate with cars?

Anna Jill Lupertz: My father drove a Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 30. My accountant taught me to park – I can do it like a charm! My father once lent me this BMW Z3 and never got it back. It’s a women’s car anyway.

PS WORLD: The sound?

Anna Jill Lupertz: Warm, deep, loud. It starts and you can feel the concentrated power under the bonnet. I am passionate about driving, especially on country roads. Then I’ll pack my husband up and we’ll go to the lake. Driving is something sensual, leaning into the curves, you are almost sitting on the ground. There are cars that you have to pedal, mine you have to brake. In the intoxication of speed, the best ideas always come to me. You feel like you can change the world. I also love to switch. Active action. Nowhere else can the effect of an action be felt more quickly. I would find autonomous driving boring.

Pia Hahn Marocco, management consultant from London: "Women often drive better than men"

What women want from cars - seven examples-want

The ideal city car: Pia Hahn Marocco in front of her VW e-up.

Source: Muir Vidler

WORLD: How important is a car to you?

Pia Hahn Marocco: I need it 15 minutes a day: five to the office, five home, five when I go out in the evening – I also take a taxi back from time to time.

PS WORLD: Her father, Carl Hahn, was the boss of VW.

Pia Hahn Marocco: And that with the greatest passion! Every week a new test model was on our doorstep. On Sundays he opened the bonnet and then my three brothers and I were asked: Where is the carburetor, where is the cylinder head? I was never allowed to get into the cars of admirers with a tire profile under three millimeters.

PS WORLD: Is your choice of car hereditary?

Pia Hahn Marocco: The e-up! As the smallest VW, it is the ideal city car. I drive Range Rover with my children, and Audi in Kitzbuhel. The brand is important, but also that I can move around optimally. My driving test was – along with the births of the children – my happiest day. The feeling of suddenly being able to go anywhere I wanted in my red Golf convertible, that was total freedom.

PS WORLD: Do you feel addressed by the automotive industry??

Pia Hahn Marocco: It used to be noticeable in marriages with two cars: The man who made the purchase decision usually had a larger, newer car than the woman. Then men put their wives in these giant tanks, in trophy cars like the SUV, which they could barely drive and which only clogged the road. Today women drive emancipated and often of course better than men. It just doesn’t seem to have fully understood the advertising of the automotive industry, which women still like to show while shopping and on family outings.

Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun, Berlin lawyer: "A car is a romantic place"

What women want from cars - seven examples-examples

Fast lady: Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun in front of her Audi A7.

Source: Juliane Werner

PS WORLD: What is it like to be your husband’s chauffeur?

Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun: I think it’s great when I can do something my husband can’t. He takes care of the fun program: changing CDs, unpacking and feeding chocolate tokens, telling stories. A car is a romantic place. You are close, but look ahead, you don’t stare at yourself. You have to do something that relaxes the conversation. One can also be silent.

PS WORLD: So no driving style police?

Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun: On the contrary, Boris is impressed when I steer with one hand at 180 km / h. Sometimes I also drive half-legged – in auto-assistant mode.

PS WORLD: How would you describe your car?

Kaja Wiedeking-Radczun: Adult. But I also go through a night in Berlin with him and friends. It is women who are taken seriously. The A7 is a fast lady. I like the scent, the order that everything is perfectly in its place. That also sorts things out in my head. It was important to my husband and me that it could travel long distances, we don’t like to fly. We’re still real car kids. I have four sisters, my father owned an old Mercedes that we often drove to Italy. On the drive we sang canons, played “I-see-what-you-don’t-see” or scared drivers with grimaces. The family was together, that was nice. Sometimes we children slept in the back seat, then you could look at the stars. When we sold it, it was like losing a piece of your home.

Elena Princess of Hesse, artist in Milan: "I like to drive fast"

What women want from cars - seven examples-examples

Noticeable behind the wheel: Elena von Hessen in front of her BMW 525.

Source: Francesco Merlini

PS WORLD: Why not a Ferrari?

Elena Princess of Hesse: I would like to have a! Too big for me, unfortunately there is still no handy Ferrari. As a German, I of course drive a German car: the BMW 525 is a present from my husband. He also picked out the white leather seats; the fittings are white metallic. He’s a Syrian, and Syrians are great aesthetes.

PS WORLD: How do you survive as a rule-conscious German on Italy’s streets?

Elena Princess of Hesse: It is a German fantasy that all Italians are traffic machos. We Germans drive much more aggressively. Italians love their cars, whether dented or glamorous. He does it like a woman, proudly driving it around the piazza. And there is a lot of flirting at the traffic lights. In Italy women are not necessarily car owners, you stand out behind the wheel. I like it when men look up to you that way.

PS WORLD: And then: Stiletto on the gas!

Elena Princess of Hesse: I like to drive fast. From Milan you are immediately in the mountains, in Rome or Naples. I used to ride with a wig and giant sunglasses like Peggy Guggenheim – to protect against speed cameras. Driving away from things, the flying landscapes, that inspires me as a painter. If a Maserati appears in the rearview mirror, however, I prefer to pull over.

Karen Boros, Real Estate Entrepreneur: "I don’t like lipstick cars"

What women want from cars - seven examples-examples

The goal is the goal: Karen Boros in front of her Smart MHD

Source: Juliane Werner

WORLD: You are an art collector, an ambassador for Art Basel, a woman with an interest in design. Why such a solid car like the Smart?

Karen Boros: With the car, the goal is the goal. A car used to be a big deal. When my father came home with a new Mercedes, it was an exciting day. That meant: The next trip was to pack the big suitcases, dress nicely, then it went to France or the Eifel. All I need myself is a motor and four wheels with which I can navigate my daily to-do lists. I like the intimate, I like to be entre nous with my Smart MHD. My son goes along often. You sit tightly like in a space capsule. Great for entertaining.

PS WORLD: Such a small box also keeps something childlike?

Karen Boros: Something playful, like driving bumper cars. Also through the perspective, everything outside appears bigger. You don’t take yourself so seriously. Sometimes I sing out loud. David Bowie is good for country games. We always plan, want to know what to expect. Driving off again without a fixed destination, stopping somewhere, this primal experience – you would have to let yourself drift more often.

PS WORLD: Why not in pink?

Karen Boros: Color gives too much meaning. I don’t know any woman who likes these lipstick cars; Men don’t drive them either. No one would have associated an Amelia Earhart with pink. It’s just not all progress.

Sara Schumann, model and entrepreneur in Berlin: "My car is my hangout"

What women want from cars - seven examples-examples

Sprinting like a predator: Sara Schumann with her Jaguar X308

Source: Juliane Werner

PS WORLD: When do you need a car?

Sara Schumann: I’m the boss of a one-woman juice company: "Eleri Juice Cleanse". I mix my organic juices in my kitchen, my Jaguar is my delivery truck. For example, I supply MDC Cosmetic.

Your van?

Sara Schumann: I am Canadian from British Columbia. A very chic, older man once lived on our street there. He drove a Jaguar. It has been my dream car ever since. It always feels like a little rendezvous getting into this beautiful car. I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur. My Jaguar X308 makes me feel like there’s something else inside of me.

PS WORLD: Style accessory or real car interest?

Sara Schumann: It is love! Safety. Sure, style too. 300 hp! Lying in wait, sprinting like a predator, sneaking around the corner. It’s the serenity. The smell of the leather. Sofa. The invitation to dress well. My hangout, freedom cell and the perfect family car. In summer we go to Tuscany.

PS WORLD: Are you a scratch hypochondriac?

Sara Schumann: Honestly: yes. I also always have towels in the car against my son’s chocolate hands. Not that I’m hysterical – but with light seats! I clean the car myself, drive it to the car wash, vacuum it. A clean car makes me as happy as a freshly made bed.

PS WORLD: Why not an eco car?

Sara Schumann: Everyone needs a vice.

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