Volkswagen: Strife for origin New electric cars

Volkswagen: Strife for origin New electric cars-strife

In the Volkswagen Group, there is now a dispute over the future production sites of new electric models. This reports the automotive week. Especially with the Artemis project it should crunch. A year ago, Volkswagen decided to manufacture the three future electrom models of Audi, Porsche and Bentley in the work of VW commercial vehicles in Hanover. The decision should now be able to worry about so much displeasure that it is checked again. The contract for Hanover was celebrated after the announcement by Herbert this as a great success.

In the case of Bentley, the decision should already be like. Contrary to first assumptions, the plant is still responsible for interior and varnish in Crewe, United Kingdom. Hannover supplies the pre-assembled body, the drive and the battery. Bentley had resisted from the beginning to produce the first electric car of the brand outside of England. By 2023, Bentley wants to electrify its entire product range and expected 2025 to market his first fully electric car based on Artemis. By 2030, the entire product range of Bentley is then electrically.

Porsche would prefer to build his Artemis model after information of the trade magazine in a work with Cayenne experience. This would be Leipzig, Osnabruck and Bratislava, where Porsche boss Oliver flower should tend to work in Slovakia. Since 2017, Porsche has been producing the current Porsche Cayenne since 2017.

VW works council Daniela Cavallo had recently asked to produce electric vehicles at the non-triggered parent plant in Wolfsburg. As a compromise, the colleagues in Lower Saxony are now Zwickau in the production of the popular ID.3 and ID.4 fleet support as soon as the factory does not take place with production. Most recently, Audi had hoped in Neckarsulm to the surcharge to such overflow production. The deal should bridge the time to the first electro-automotive from Wolfsburg, Trinity from 2026,. Also the ID.5 arises in the plant in Zwickau.

Audi has introduced the project Artemis 2020. For the brand, the concept vehicle is considered the successor to the A8 and is expected to come to the market in 2025 as a Tesla hunter. At the same time, Audi wants to create synergies between the VW brands with the project. For the development within the Group, the brand is responsible together with the Volkswagen Software-Automotive subsidiary Cariad. Lastly, within the project via software problems or even the final measure. The core brand Volkswagen is concentrated in parallel with the Electrolimousine Trinity.

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  1. 2025 comes a Tesaljager! &# 128578; Since I have to laugh as not Tesla driver &# 128578;
    On the subject of origin … wait until you find that the ID5 from China is better processed then goes even more to China. Seemingly we are not yet blackmailable enough. We need more dependencies. Meanwhile, our politicians prefer to take care of seat regions.

  2. As long as new cars, whether electric or burner, come from the EU everything is ok. Should VW support China’s Communist Party with their deserving course through production there no longer in question for me! This also applies to BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and all others!

  3. Was to see …

    Just too much misplanning the last years.
    This remains exciting as well as the employees deal with it (for example. Short-time work or even job loss) The last years actually over average with bonuses were showered …


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