VinFast: VF E35 and VF E36 come to Europe – already 2022?

VinFast: VF E35 and VF E36 come to Europe - already 2022?-2022

The Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced first details of its European strategy a few weeks ago. Accordingly, 2022 the first two electric cars of the company – Vf E35 and the VF E36 – should give their market debut in three European countries. This was concretized as part of the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. VinFast not only offer e-cars, but a comprehensive and modern ecosystem for electric vehicles, based on a platform for intelligent services and individual customer experience.

The two electric SUV VF E35 and VF E36 from VinFast, each represented in the market segment d or e, celebrated their world premiere on the car show in Los Angeles. It turns out that the VF E35 succeeds in a balancing act of fine and yet concise circuits that convey a sense of strength, speed and a forward progress in the design. This harmony refers to Vinfast itself as a “Dynamic Balance”.

Both Elektro-SUV is the same that this is the result of strategic investments in Vinfast‘s own F&E-System be. This is presented as the sum of the interaction of global cooperation with technology companies, innovative start-ups and the renowned partners of the company in the automotive industry. Among his partners, VinFast is among other things Faurecia, ZF, Durr, Bosch, ABB and ThyssenKrupp.

“Our goal is to inspire customers to connect the electric vehicle revolution to advance solutions for the climate crisis. VinFast is convinced that the future of mobility is characterized by highly personalized, intelligent electric vehicles in which technologies are integrated, of which human and environment benefit equally. These vehicles will meet high safety standards and offer superior and comfortable driving feeling.”- Michael Lohscheller, CEO at Vinfast Global

Is it according to the Vietnamese manufacturer, the VF E36 caused a sensation especially with its strong and dynamic exterior. How VinFast continues to carry out various design features at VF E36 to achieve an outstanding aerodynamics and extended range for the electric vehicle. These include “air curtains” on the roof and on the front, leaving air from areas with high resistance. Furthermore, the door handles, slices and dazzles are flush with the body. The sloping roof line and oblique side windows also contribute to aerodynamics.

VinFast: VF E35 and VF E36 come to Europe - already 2022?-comeVinafast

Both the VF E35 and the VF E36 have ADAS functions (Advanced Driver Assistance System or. Advanced driving assistance system) As among other things, a lane support assistant, a collision warning, a monitoring of driving behavior, fully automatic parking, an intelligent parking function. In addition, Vf E35 and VF E36 are equipped with an intelligent infotainment system.

VinFast is to be understood that the pre-order of the electro SUVs will be possible in the first half of the next year; The models are finally delivered in the fourth quarter 2022. The further plan provides for expansion to Canada and Europe in the coming months. Against the background of the upcoming expansion to Europe, the Vietnamese meanwhile reported to be a member of the association of international motor vehicle manufacturers in Germany as well as other associations – including the Importhe Association Csiam, the E-vehicle Association Avere (both France) and the Dutch RAI.

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