USA: 12.500 US Dollar Promotion – Only for E-Cars from America

USA: 12.500 US Dollar Promotion - Only for E-Cars from America-america

The US wool E-cars promote reinforced. But with a hook. Only domestic models should be promoted. Vehicles from other countries are not in full enjoyment of the 12.500 US dollars heavy e-car promotion. The designed funding policy is considered to be so cropping that now 24 countries, including Germany, go to the barricades. Meanwhile, one has warned the US Congress to realize the plans – they would violate trade rules.

In a joint letter, the US Congress was warned against protectionism in electromobility. In the letter of Reuters available to the news agency, it is said to be considered with concern funding plans for the introduction of e-cars, foreign manufacturers exclusions. The signers include Germany, Italy and other EU countries as well as Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Canada. For locals such as Tesla, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, on the other hand, it would be a good deal.

Concretely, it’s about the US Congress planning a new tax credit in the amount of 12.To grant 500 dollars. These parts in 4.500 dollars for US electric vehicles manufactured in domestic farms. As well as 500 dollars for batteries produced in the USA. The rest of the promotion would also be available to other manufacturers. Nevertheless, it would be such that after 2027 vehicles produced only in the USA for the full 12.500 dollars tax credit in question. The proposal is supported by US President Joe Biden, UAW and many democratic politicians in congress. The President of the UAW, Ray Curry, said the scheme would “create tens of thousands of jobs for UAW members and” be “a profit for the employees in the automotive industry”.

Understandable that other countries, with own car manufacturers, the designed funding policy as critical. “This legislation would, if implemented, violate international trading rules, hard-working Americans who are employed by these automakers, disadvantage and undermine the efforts of these automakers to expand the US market for electric vehicles to reach the government’s climate goals “Says in the letter of 29. October, who was also signed by the German Ambassador in Washington, Emily Haber,.

This message should have a weight, because even the not so strong car trips also invest massively in the USA. Already 98 billion dollars have flowed, as well as 2.1 million jobs have been created. Finally, the ambassadors to understand the Congress: “In particular, the restriction of the claim to the credit on vehicles manufactured in the US and have a local share is contrary to the obligations that the USA in the context of multilateral WTO Convention has been received. They disadvantaged the trading partners of the US and undermines the spirit of trade laws, which should ensure the free and fair goods traffic.”

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3 thoughts on “USA: 12.500 US Dollar Promotion – Only for E-Cars from America”

  1. So much stupidity is hard to stand up. 12500 $ for individuals from tax revenue of all to a grunting, CO2-producing economy. Incredibly stupid!

  2. With customs barriers and registration regulations, we have been working well for decades of foreign competition from our home market. Why are this whole Chinese cheap cars not come to us? Because they would not be cheap with us. But we give promotion for all electric cars, also for American. That’s the nuance.

    But whatever, ultimately, all German automotive companies have works in the US and could relocate the entire electric car production to this market there. Strategically, this makes sense in the core anyway, only one seems to do not want to invest so fast. You will have to do now.

  3. This measure is only intended for short notice. An alliance with the Europeans would be more meaningful.B. the Chinese manufacturers (not democratic) to exclude.


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