Tesla: Applies to experts & consumers as an innovative E-automaker

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Tesla: Applies to experts & consumers as an innovative E-automaker-innovative

The US electric car Primus Tesla can not only enforce itself with a significant distance as an innovation leader in the field of electromobility (178 index points in the innovation strength), but also becomes European consumers (in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain) strongest e-auto mark perceived, with equally clear distance. In the current study “Electric Car Market & Innovation Report 2021” by YouGov and the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), the ranking of the “real innovation strength” of the electric car manufacturers was compared with the “innovation perception” by consumers in Europe. The consumers had to evaluate the various automotive marks with regard to innovativity in the field of e-mobility.

The innovation strength calculated by the CAM in the technology field of electromobility (EV), consisting of electric cars (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), includes the three innovation fields range, power consumption and charging power, cumulatively in an index value.

Tesla, with an innovation strength of 178 index points, is therefore industry sprimus in the field of electric cars and leads a large distance from the Chinese brand BYD (59 points). Ranked 3 and 4 in the innovation starch ranking follow the Volkswagen Brands Porsche (53 points) and Audi (49 points). Rank 5 ends BMW with 42 points.

The ranking of the most innovative plug-in hybrid is again led by German brands: ranked 1 of BMW with 69 index points, rank 2 of Mercedes with 54 points and rank 3 of Audi with 45 points. The Chinese brand BYD reaches rank 4 with 33 points and Ford Rank 5 with 27.2 points.

The perception of the innovation strength through European consumers

YouGov data show a significant relationship between the innovation strength of brands in the EV range, ie both BEV, also PHEV, and the corresponding perception among consumers in the countries examined. Consumers therefore true to innovation-strong car brands as such. The data also shows that the assessment of innovation strength is beneficial among consumers from a successful brand communication.

In the perception ranking, Tesla also climbs rank 1 as mentioned above. Toyota lands in the consumer perception of innovation strength in place 2, in the field of actually measured EV innovations but rather in midfield. Successful in marketing and therefore in consumer perception is also Polestar: despite the limited offer and lack of eV innovation strength (25th place in the innovation ranking), the interviewed polestar is true as quite strong in the field of e-mobility: the brand is climbing Rank 3. BMW (rank 4 in perception ranking), VW (rank 5) and Mercedes (rank 6) and Audi (rank 8) As German automotive brands, consumers also apply as innovation.

“For the success of the car manufacturers in the startup of e-mobility, innovation strength has outstanding importance. In the transformation phase of the industry, it becomes a survival condition, as the established manufacturers are increasingly challenged by newcomers. Already there are striking competence and innovation differences and a lack of understanding of customer wishes. Some car manufacturers still show strikingly reactive innovation patterns, in which the existing customer requirements of the combustion are only transferred to electric vehicles. In the future, manufacturers will only be successful if they look at the entire ecosystem of electromobility and realize new desires and advanced customer benefits with innovations. The better the car manufacturers succeed not only to satisfy the minimum expectations, but also to meet the latent wishes of the customers, the more successful they will be.”- Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Head of Cam

Sven Runge, Research Solutions Partner (YouGov), explains that in Germany “only Tesla became very clearly associated with e-mobility”, all other manufacturers follow with an enormous distance. Tesla Commitment from consumer’s view “in all crucial dimensions for e-mobility: innovation capability, experience and dominance”. Although Volkswagen is at least in Germany behind Tesla, no clear positioning from consumer’s view can still be recognized here in terms of e-mobility. The same applies for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or Hyundai.

The current study on the market and innovation trends of electromobility is the prelude to a Community project of the International Data & Analytics Group YouGov and the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), which links the CAM’s electromobility knowledge with the survey and consumer expertise of YouGov. The aim of the series of study is to account for the current market and sales developments of electromobility and to illuminate with the consumer perspective. In addition, the technology trends and innovation services of the automobile manufacturers are analyzed in the field of electromobility and faced the perception of consumers.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla: Applies to experts & consumers as an innovative E-automaker”

  1. S3xy is at least the polarized brand, which owes them to the tirelessness against the stream swimming.
    Despite years of shitstorming and daily negative press and many financial up and down, this manufacturer has managed to develop an upper place in the world of manufacturers, and at the stock market even the top.
    This wants to find recognition and creates a lot of expectations for the future.
    Tesla docks a golf class model next, or even a Cityhopper a la Polo, and above all a beautiful roadster, as possible with open roof &# 128578;

  2. Hahaha of the poor David. It is amusing, as with him the keyword “Tesla” always burn out the fuses. Haha … Affected Bellen ..
    At Tesla just right the whole production, sales and charging infrastructure. I am astonished that Tesla can hardly cover demand – without real advertising I have definitely never seen a Tesla TV spot. Other prices on the running meter and do not sell nearly a comparable product. A good product works, a bad also with PR and Advertisingillions only very difficult.

  3. It is – no idea if that is new – the general tendency to keep feelings for facts.
    That comes in this post beautifully to wear ..
    Things to do.. yes you mean .. That Tesla is innovative.
    Yes . Tesla is successful and quite innovative but the felt perception that it is the most innovative is a very daring assumption.
    Luckily this is a very soft criterion. How to measure the amount of innovation and height?
    Nobody knows .. But “my” is always good.

    A manufacturer who allows only these days in his Navi intermediate objectives is certainly not particularly innovative and if he does not even suggest alternative routes, it is a completely doubtful performance.
    Every 100 Euro TomTom has been able to do that and the competition anyway.

    If Tesla did not handle his phantom brakes after 15 years of development, this is a complete failure. It is simply rude scary, which this group fabricated and if on this basis the fans and any experts Hosianna write it certainly not better.

  4. Yes Tesla is in particular in the age group 18 – 40 years strong in the FOCUS. At Tesla, the lack of mechanical quality is covered by the good overall concept. Starting with the charging stations over the charging management and the software up to the reach. The overall concept is right. At the German manufacturers Z.B. Id.3 If any error messages are displayed, charging columns which are not active or occupied and are only accessible to specific customers. All problems, difficulties, challenges that do not really interest the customers. At Audi (large dealer) I was the other day, there were only SUV’s, diesel, gasoline and delivery times ?! I did not want to buy house ?! Even that would have been delivered faster.


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