Scrapping bonus: new registrations in May


New registrations in May

With 384,578 brand-new cars, the result for April was slightly increased (+1.3%) and the new registrations of the same month last year were clearly exceeded by +39.7 percent. The private share was particularly high at 69.5 percent. Rental vehicles, on the other hand, fell sharply (-25.8%).

A.foreign manufacturers are benefiting to a greater extent from the boom in new registrations. Their share was 40 percent. The leading trio are Renault / Dacia (7.0%), Skoda (4.9%) and Fiat (4.5%). Hyundai made the biggest jump with a sales increase of +146 percent compared to May 2008. Among the German manufacturers, VW (+60.2%), Opel (+57.1%) and Ford (+48.3%) are on a growth path. Mercedes (-2.4%), BMW (-6.7%) and Audi (-5.1%) entered the monthly balance sheet with a minus.

The demand for smaller cars continues unabated. There was significant growth in the minis (+140%), small car (+92.7%) and compact class (+55.7%) segments. The upper class (-26.4%) and the upper middle class (-13.3%) are currently driving with their hands drawn up-

brake. Off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are still in demand (+ 5.8%). Only 27.1 percent of new vehicles run on diesel. Around 1,000 natural gas-powered cars were registered in May (+46.8%).

The high level of approval only applies to the car sector. All other industries were in decline. The Kra-der are -19.3 percent and the commercial vehicles -28.1 percent below the result of the previous year. The decline of -53.2 percent was particularly noticeable in the case of semitrailer tractors. A total of 426,690 motor vehicles and 22,719 motor vehicle trailers were newly registered for road traffic.

With 556,837 re-registered vehicles, the used market fell by 8.7 percent in May. There was only positive change for trucks (+ 9.3%) and buses (+ 9.9%). The car market was 9.4 percent below the previous year’s level. The temporarily high demand for young used vehicles has been put into perspective again. The proportion of cars up to 1 year old was 11.8 percent.

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