Sales crisis: VW is already having trouble with the new Golf


VW is having trouble with the new Golf again

Sales crisis: VW is already having trouble with the new Golf-

The expectations for the new VW Golf were incredibly high. Now the automotive scientist Ferdinand Dudenhoffer claims that the seventh generation is not selling well. VW claims the opposite and speaks of extra shifts due to high demand.

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After the dispute over above-average discounts for the new Golf, car expert Dudenhoffer is following up: He sees the registration figures for the VW bestseller at a 17-year low.

D.he dispute between the car expert Ferdinand Dudenhoffer and Volkswagen over the launch of the Golf VII continues. In a current analysis, the head of the CAR Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen writes that during the first two months of sales in November and December 2012, new German registrations were at a 17-year low with a total of 16,537 units. In addition, VW is again relying on bonuses for its dealers in order to boost sales of the new Golf.

The group sharply rejected this representation. Dudenhoffer relies on official data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Nevertheless, he makes “dubious comparisons” when he contrasts the start-up phase for a model with phases of market maturity and far larger production volumes in other years: “That has no basis.”

Volkswagen is planning extra shifts

Almost at the same time as Dudenhoffer’s crisis scenario, VW announced a success report: "Due to the good demand across Europe with over 100,000 orders for the new Golf, Volkswagen is planning additional extra shifts at the Wolfsburg main plant." No other car in Europe is more successful and popular, so it should be on three Saturdays by the end of March 2000 additional Golf will be produced.

VW has been delivering the Golf VII in Germany since November 10th. Therefore, it is already misleading to include data from only two thirds of the month in the comparison, those responsible from Wolfsburg criticized Dudenhoeffer’s analysis. Moreover, in most of the reference periods the entire range with Golf Plus, Golf Variant and other versions was on the market. So far, however, there are only three and five-door standard versions of the latest edition.

From Dudenhoeffer’s point of view, the method is unproblematic – the fact that he always only uses hatchback models is sufficient as a benchmark. In addition, the pure new registrations with private and corporate customers showed that VW is registering numerous cars as factory, rental or dealer vehicles. On this basis, the Golf has recently developed even worse than the BMW 1 Series or the Mercedes A-Class.

Controversial comparative figures for the A-Class

However, the new entry-level model from Daimler already started in September, and the dates given by Dudenhoffer for November and December did not take into account that the Mercedes model had been on the market longer than the Golf VII at that time, according to VW.

At the end of 2012, the automobile economist had an exchange of blows with the automaker about the motives for VW’s pricing policy in view of lame sales in Western Europe. Dudenhoffer accused the group of specifically fueling the battle for customers with high discounts. Before Christmas, however, the situation eased. Volkswagen held against it: Dudenhoffer exaggerated and generalized individual cases.

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