Rivians Amazon delivery trucks listen to the name “EDP”

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Rivians Amazon delivery trucks listen to the name

Electric car startups are now available yes. But one has gained special fame in the past few months: the speech is at the in Plymouth, Michigan, resident company Rivian, at the Amazon’s own data 20 percent of the shares. The carmaker has the car recruit not least by ordering 100.000 Get used specifically for the online giant Amazon built electric vans. New details have now emerged, and the first vehicles are scheduled to deliver locally emission-free packages this year. And also an IPO could be near that a value of 40 billion euros in the room.

Like autoblog.COM reported, Rivian recently submitted documents to the American Traffic Authority National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which now reveal more details about the electro delivery trucks commissioned by Amazon. This should also be more important than the already announced models R1T Pickup and the R1S SUV. This is the 100.000 Electric delivery trucks to listen to the name EDV. This is for Electric Delivery vans. Those should be used according to Autoblog first and exclusively for Amazon Prime shipping. The documents taken up by the Rivian Owner’s Forum, which are now available at the NHTSA, have a “Z” variant for Amazon and a “S” variant for the service. The latter could indicate that fleets and the public will also be able to buy the electric vans once the exclusive contract with Amazon expires.

Rivians Amazon delivery trucks listen to the name YouTube / Amazon Newsroom

Front and four-wheel drive with up to 240 kilometers range

Ultimately there will be three variants, which are all characterized by how much cubic meters of cargo space they offer. The first two models that are spread the Amazon smile are the EDP 500 and the EDP 700 followed by a computer 900. Thus, it is also leaked that there are three different types of drive: a single-engaged front wheel drive, a two-engine front wheel drive and a two-engine four-wheel drive. However, Rivian is still silent about final information about the batteries. The automotive manufacturer’s documents states that the two smaller vehicles are designed for a range of 150 miles with a battery charge, although internal tests should have shown that the EDP 700 can cover 201 miles with a battery charge. That’s the equivalent of 240 or 320 kilometers. The EDP 900 should have the smallest battery and thus a shorter range of 120 miles, about 190 kilometers,. Thus, this variant goals mainly on markets with high population density, where already a co-packed van with a few stops on high-rise apartments can be made empty. Here, clever and efficient fleet planning will certainly be particularly important.

According to documents, the VANs have the same basic components such as Rivian’s pickups and SUVs for retail, but according to media reports on a separate production line with less functional scope in the factory in normal, Illinois produced. Even the platform differs from the models for end consumers: The Amazon work transporters stand on a steel ladder frame of Rivian Commercial Vehicles. Not so the R1T and R1S models, which were developed for private use and are supposed to be based on an aluminum platform. But Rivian did not simply planned in the dark: it was spoken with Amazon drivers to find out how to give them a better tool for work. So the couriers of comfortable features such as air-conditioned seats with heated armrests as well as handles and tries should benefit, which should facilitate the entry and exit every weather. In addition, a comprehensive lighting and an infotainment touchscreen should move in. For safety, there will be a wing door on the driver’s side, which should protect better in a side impact than conventional sliding doors. Radar sensors and cameras enable safety systems for automatic emergency brakes and a lane support assistant.

Rivians Amazon delivery trucks listen to the name YouTube / Amazon Newsroom

The first 300 copies of the EDP 500 are expected to be seen in 15 important US markets this year. By the end of 2022, Rivian expects to be 10.000 Transporter in sizes 500 and 700 on Amazon have been used and a total of 100 until 2025.To deliver 000 transporters in all three equipment variants. The EDP 500 should start the trip to overseas and produced both with law and left-hand steering. As the FAZ reports, Rivian also laid out a price range for future shares, according to the documents submitted to the stock exchange supervision: between 57 and $ 62, so converted 49 to 53 euros. The startup allegedly wants to offer 135 million shares, with great demand 155.25 million. This allows Rivian to take up to $ 9.6 billion (8.3 billion euros) and reach a valuation of up to 47 billion euros. According to American media, the IPO could go over the stage for the coming week. Amazon announced on Friday that it owned around 20 percent of Rivian. The prospects are so rosy. If everything arrives as forecasting, the loss of a billion dollar made by the startup in 2020 should also be overturned.

Sources: Autoblog.com, FAZ.DE, Rivian.com

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2 thoughts on “Rivians Amazon delivery trucks listen to the name “EDP””

  1. Now it starts right. The small transporters are the true heroes of the logistics boom. At first glance, it is surprising that neither Tesla nor startups seriously go on this market. Probably because it is a merciless business and Mercedes and Co. are ready when the market receives real volumes.

  2. The e-transporters are too expensive.

    .. FIAT DUCATO … is one Price from 33.487 euros (As of July 2021) available.


    The … purely electrically powered Fiat e-ducato for price from 55.400 euros (plus. Value added tax; Status: May 2021) is externally only on the changed logo with blue colored “E” to recognize. Otherwise, the transporter does not differ from its conventionally motorized counterparts.


    … becomes an either 47 or 79 kWh battery fed.

    (Source: autozeitung.de – 02.07.2021)

    21.913 euros for the battery pack – the omitted parts such as combustion engine, exhaust system, tank and multi-speed gearbox should be able to compensate for the costs for the electric motor and the 1-speed reduction gear – so each kWh of the small battery would cost 466.23 euros.

    Normally 10 should.000 euros (212.77 euros per kWh of the battery) additional price for 47 kWh is enough.

    Electric vans are not cheap

    … The e-transporters will be available with one by the end of 2021 Innovation premium of 7500 euros promoted, but the electric commercial vehicles are not yet real bargains. For example, purchasing a E-Ducato from Fiat Professional currently at least 68.000 euros to book.

    (Source: adac.de – 04.08.2021)

    As a transporter version “at least 68.000 Euro “- without extra surcharge it would be about. 56.000 Euro – Here, the manufacturers “ice cold” also collect the premium as a form of “environmental protection drain trade”.

    Perhaps a leakage of the innovation premium and a higher CO2 price causes manufacturers will be forced to significantly reduce their excessive prices to settle enough environmentally friendly vans.

    Political brakes in PV and wind turbines and overpriced electric vehicles, this is nothing with climate protection in Germany and the EU, apparently the climate catastrophe has to aggravate even further before politicians, manufacturers and ultimately also the population act accordingly.

    And Amazon? – those can count on profit, so in the future electric delivery van.


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