Rip-off accusation: ADAC also wants to legalize speed cameras


ADAC also wants to legalize speed cameras

Many drivers use speed camera detectors, although it is actually not allowed. CDU and FDP now want to release the devices for the star boxes. For speeders, that doesn’t mean a license.

NThey already offer navigation devices as standard, and they are available free of charge as an app: speed cameras that warn drivers of star boxes and automatic flashers. What is less well known, on the other hand, is that anyone who uses a speed camera warning system in the vehicle is committing an administrative offense according to Section 23.1b of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). There is a risk of 75 euros and four points in Flensburg.

The legislator wanted to cancel the possibility of motorists being notified of speed cameras ten years ago and anchored the corresponding passage in the Road Traffic Act. The educational measure, however, came to nothing. So far, there is no known case of a fine for using a device for displaying “traffic monitoring measures. There is also no final judgment.

Nevertheless, the ban still exists. According to a report in the “Saarbrucker Zeitung”, traffic politicians from the CDU and FDP want to officially legalize some of the speed cameras. In the future, navigation systems or mobile phone apps should be able to reveal where drivers can expect a permanently installed speed camera. The Union now wants to introduce a corresponding application to the Bundestag.

The parliamentary group’s traffic expert, Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), said: "We want to draw a line between traffic safety and rip-offs." "It makes sense if as many people as possible, including those not familiar with the area, are made aware of this danger zone.".

ADAC demands warning signs

The intended legalization is supported by the ADAC. "It is only logical if this state is allowed now," says spokesman Markus Schape of "Welt". The association of motorists goes one step further with its demand. Signs warning of flash units should be set up at accident blackspots so that drivers without GPS or mobile phones can also be informed of this. "It cannot be the case that the person with the thickest wallet and who can afford the best speed camera detector is best warned.".

According to estimates, there are around 3800 permanently installed speed cameras in Germany so far, and not all of them have been set up at a source of danger. "They may only be set up at accident blackspots," demands ADAC man Schape, "in all other places the impression arises that they should help to maximize the profit of individual municipalities."

According to the draft of the Union application, the parliamentary group is in favor of future navigation systems warning of lightning systems in a zone "of about 500 meters". "This expands the area in which the driver drives particularly carefully," says the paper.

Police union has concerns

In the police union (GdP), the plan to change the StVO is causing criticism. There will always be hotspots of accidents that have to be flashed, "and from my point of view they shouldn’t be announced," said GdP boss Bernhard Witthaut in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin". In addition, radar controls are known to residents anyway if they are often on the same route.

Apps such as or, which warn of mobile flash units that detect speed violations, should continue to be excluded from the planned legalization. One does not want to give razors a license in the future either.

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