Renault puts 100% in German distribution traffic on e-truck

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Renault puts 100% in German distribution traffic on e-truck-german

From spring 2022, Renault Trucks Germany wants the models for distribution traffic, the truck D and D Wide, only available as battery electric vehicles. Models of the D and D Wide with diesel engine no longer expelled from this time, so the manufacturer in a current message. The basis for this decision is both the proven market maturity of the truck produced in series 2020 and the promotion of up to 80 percent of the additional costs of an E-truck compared to the diesel equivalent. Through this funding program, the total cost of ownership of an E-truck becomes increasingly attractive. Consequently, this strategic orientation is only valid for the German market.

“We set the sale of 16 tonnes to 26 tons of diesel trucks of the series D and D Wide on the German market and fully put on electric vehicles. What does that mean concrete? This means that all Renault Trucks D and D Wide, which we sell from spring 2022 on the German market, will be electrically.”- Frederic Rueche, Managing Director of Renault Trucks Germany.

Climate protection and compliance with Parisian climate goals are “highest priority” for Renault Trucks according to their own statement. To protect the environment, the decarbonization of freight traffic is an important step. That’s why Renault Trucks already focuses on battery electric vehicles for different segments.

Renault Trucks has been producing the electric Z since the beginning of 2020.E. Truck models D and D Wide in series. The battery electrical vehicles are already used throughout Europe in urban and regional distribution transport, municipal use and even for easy construction site traffic. These market and expertise allow Renault Trucks in the German market to resolve the strategy for the distribution segment and to concentrate here 100 percent on electric vehicles here.

Funding program of the BMVI enables attractive TCO

The support program of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for commercial vehicles with alternative drives provides for promoting the additional costs of an electric truck compared to the corresponding diesel truck of up to 80 percent. Through this promotion as well as the toll exemption for the CO2-free trucks, the total cost of ownership of an e-truck for entrepreneurs become attractive.

Just like the BMVI, Renault Trucks is convinced of the important role of alternative drives for climate-friendly change of the transport industry and wants to implement this conviction in the product and sales strategy. Frederic Rushe explains: “We do that because we are ready. Because we can. We have the products: we have the 16-tonner, 19-tonner and 26-tonner as electric truck, and we can cover most applications in urban distribution, regional distribution and delivery on the last mile. We have the trucks, we are ready. The time is mature: Let’s Switch to Electric!”

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  1. »For the German market:
    • Sale setting for 16-26 T Diesel truck of the series D and D Wide
    • We fully put on electric vehicles
    Look, goes .. &# 128539;

  2. Here are some technical information about the trucks.

    Renault trucks d z.E.

    • ZGG: 16 t Technical weight 16.7 t
    • Available wheelbars: 4.400 mm and 5.300 mm
    • 185 kW electric motor (constant power 130 kW)
    • Torque of the electric motor: 425 nm.
    • Maximum axle torque: 16 KNM
    • 2-speed gearbox
    • Energy storage: Lithium-ion batteries from 200 to 300 kWh
    • Real reach: up to 300 km

    Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E.

    • ZGG 26 T. Technical weight 27 t.
    • Available wheelbase: 3.900 mm
    • Two electric motors of a total output of 370 kW (constant power 260 kW)
    • Maximum torque of electric motors: 850 nm
    • Maximum axle torque: 28 KNM
    • 2-speed gearbox
    • Energy storage: lithium-ion batteries, 200 kWh
    • Real reach: up to 200 km

    (Source: Renault

    It will be interesting if in a few years a reliable cost comparison to diesel trucks and many everyday experiences on the Internet can be found. Certainly the promotion can be omitted.


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