REEV: Moving e-mobility in everyday life just “easy”

REEV: Moving e-mobility in everyday life just

REEV is expert for intelligent charging solutions. 2018, based in Munich, founded the company provides an individual, transparent and fully automated loading platform for managing and controlling charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In the current episode of the electric car news.Net podcast I have with their CFO / COO Pierdomenico Staglieno via REEV, their software solutions and the challenges of e-cars, which are used as a company car.

Pier himself came to REEV in March 2021, but brought a lot of experience from the world of electromobility with them. So in recent years he worked for the VW subsidiary ELLI (Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH) in the position of the Head of Finance & Controlling the digital division. As part of this, he has invited himself with tax and legal issues around the electric car, which now benefits him at REEV.

In conversation, you quickly realize that Pier understands the interface of mobility, energy and digital payment services to grab and above all to make tangible. He shows that it is not just with that an e-car as a company car in the company to provide the employee. To install this still a wallbox at home and thus explain the chapter e-mobility as finished. Because here it starts. Topic: transparent, efficient and also cost-effective billing.

REEV starts at this point and brings efficiency and transparency into the game. Both for employers and workers. The distinction between private loading and loading of the service vehicle is only one starting point. The advantage that the company pays up to public charging stations up to € 0.79 per kWh, but in the domestic environment, however, only his local electricity costs (~ 0.30 euros per kWh) must reimburse such an approach, which transparent Load at home. Tax and legal reasons not yet taken into account, with pier on these in the podcast also. But best listen myself. It is worth it!

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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