Porsches exclusive fast shop network becomes more concrete

Porsches exclusive fast shop network becomes more concrete-exclusive

There are news about the exclusive fast shop network that wants to build Porsche and was already in March a topic with us: According to a media report, the first location is concretely, it should be around the Brenner Pass, one of the most important highway routes to Italy. The charging park should be equipped with up to twelve fast load columns, so the economic week, which can only be used by Porsche drivers.

Overall, Porsche wants to build good 100 of these sites. Ten to 15 charging parks are to be created in Germany, “especially in the direction of the alpine ski resorts”, quotes the leaf a speaker. In addition to particularly fast charging columns with up to 350 kW power – or otherwise expressed: up to 100 kilometers range within five minutes – attached cafes should also put the comfort compared to other locations of competition the bar a bit higher.

In March it is that the structure of the Porsche fast loader starts from 2022. At that time, Markenkef Oliver Flower, the company search “Attractive locations, to offer our customers the most comfortable and fast long distance experience as possible.”The Porsche dealer network is to be equipped nationwide with 350 kilowatt fast charging stations, currently making more than 300 partners with. When the station should open at the burner, however, is still unclear.

How the store could look at such a station is already known: Already in early 2020, the sports car manufacturer opened a quick load park near its customer center in Leipzig. There are also twelve charging pillars with up to 350 kW charging power for fast charging. In Leipzig, Porsche only uses a part of the columns exclusively, the others were also made accessible to electro cars of other brands.

The establishment of a private charging network does Porsche intends to promote the report but only drive in Europe. In the USA, for example, Porsche continues to set Electrify America, a partnership that the parent company Volkswagen has launched. Explicitly emphasized Flower already in March that the Porsche fasteners should be built in addition to the HPC stations of the joint venture ionity, where Porsche is also involved.

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7 thoughts on “Porsches exclusive fast shop network becomes more concrete”

  1. What does ski resorts mean? The loaders are reduced in summer? Apart from that, other sources know that these stations are also released for Audi drivers. That would of course be a disaster. I mean, clear, that will stop the Audi part in the canteen style and in the Porsche wing it is a noble lounge. Nevertheless unreasonable!

  2. on the burner pass? I laughed me!!
    In Gossensass then the glowing brake discs are replaced! This trick had also used the auto repair shop in Heiligblut behind the Grossglockner, which was certainly involved in the fast loading column on the noble white tip &# 128578;

  3. What a madness that Porsche does not open these loading points at least for all vehicles of the VW Group. So VW will never close the gap to Tesla! And I do not need a cafe or wellness area while charging. Good navigation to the charging point, fast shop, maybe ne toilet in the area … That’s enough. , Load, way! Why not simply copy Tesla. It’s not that bad.

  4. Well, let’s go Porsche & Co. do. Until then, Tesla has released its stations, which are light years ahead. It is important only that Porsche does not get controls from the Confederation or the countries for this, because elitary behavior does not have to be supported. Otherwise they can do what they want. Have lots of fun with it.


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