Porsche participates in & charge

Porsche participates in & charge-charge

Myself is understood &Charge as a platform for electromobility and rewards purchases and activities with free electricity for your own electric car. Without having to grab yourself to the purse. Quasi, the first “green” loyalty program for sustainable mobility. In addition, you have now started a wallbox-sharing marketplace. Now the two-year-old start-up was able to conclude an investment round mentioned by Helen Ventures and Porsche Ventures.

This seed + investment round allows the startup based in Frankfurt to further accelerate the development of its digital platform in Europe. Eugen Letkemann, founder and CEO of &Charge, as part of the announcement of the investment round to understand that you are looking forward to “so strong and renowned partners for our further growth course. Since the e-mobility is on the rise, it is the perfect time for us to scales our platform quickly.”

How Letkemann continues to do this investment gives the opportunity to further realize its own vision, Europe’s leading customer experience and value-added services platform for the loading of electric vehicles. To use the investment to expand its own team to open up new markets and develop their own products and services. Meanwhile, the start-up founded two years ago looks at 600 charging stations, which are provided in private wallbox sharing.

In addition, since January 2020, a strong community of E motorists and excellent reputation can be built on the market since January 2020. Additional features, services and partnerships have been implemented in the meantime and are currently available in six European markets. Further markets should follow now. Patrick Huke, Head of Porsche Ventures, Europe & Israel, is also positive about participation: “The unique digital service offering as well as the relationship with Eauto drivers and charging infrastructure providers of &Charge perfectly match our e-mobility strategy. The sales figures of our fully electric sports car Tarycan are constantly increasing, which is why we are convinced that customer demand for innovative digital offers will continue to rise around e-vehicles.”

But not only Porsche is confident about the investment. Also from pages Helen Ventures there are positive feedback. Decisive for an investment due to the unique benefit promise and the experienced founding team, such as Terhi Vapola, Vice-President, Head of Helen Ventures.

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