Panasonic: Teslas 4680 Battery Cell could use other manufacturers

Panasonic: Teslas 4680 Battery Cell could use other manufacturers-panasonic

At the end of October we reported that Panasonic officially introduced his latest battery cell in the format 4680. The new cell is, as it is used by Panasonic for years, was intended for use in electric cars of the industryPrimus Tesla. But not only how Kazuo Tadanobu was to understand as CEO of the Battered Panasonic Battery Save, in an interview. Tadanobu has also expressed itself over the current state of development.

Already last year Tesla and Panasonic revealed their plan to produce battery cells with a larger format and with a new chemistry. The new 4680 battery cells, specially designed for use in electric cars, have the potential to be cheaper and more efficient than the current cells in the format 2170. Tadanobu showed that it was already in front of Teslas Battery Day in close exchange with the e-mobility industryprimus: “After examining the costs, the balance of the vehicles themselves and other ways offering cylindrical batteries, the 4680 was decided that the 4680 The optimal size of the battery is “, so the CEO of the battery savings from Pansonic to first considerations of the two companies.

He raised the following assessment: “As far as product development is concerned, the technological goals have been largely achieved. The new batteries have about the fivefold capacity of the currently used 2170s. For mass production, however, new techniques are required.”It also states that Panasonic in Japan is a prototype production line, which is gradually put into operation. “We will perform attempts for mass production and refine the procedure in Japan until it is ready to be operational,” says Tadanobu.

The CEO of Panasonics Battery Save also gave to understand that Tesla has top priority. “But we do not realize that we also turn to other companies sharing our values when we can do so without overwhelming our resources.”We are considering different ways to work with car manufacturers. Without that but concrete statements from Panasonic.

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1 thought on “Panasonic: Teslas 4680 Battery Cell could use other manufacturers”

  1. no! Is it the possibility?

    Of course, everyone could always use the cells that Tesla uses. Because they use customary, marketable chemicals. Rather is the question, why should the other manufacturers do that? Mercedes has made it, the B-Class Electric runs with original Tesla cells. Currently you do not do that anymore: The EQS has 216 pouch cells, the Plaid probably 8256 round cells. Since you can advise you, what to make light years easier. Especially since the connections in pouch cells are large and not thermosensitive.

    At most, in the high-end area, there is considerations to share the battery and perform a performance part with round cells and a range of impact with pouch cells. Whereby no cells are planned for the performance part, such as Tesla they are planned, but high-end products z.B. from Varta.


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