Over 30: That’s how fit classic cars are in Germany


That’s how fit classic cars are in Germany

Over 30: That's how fit classic cars are in Germany-H license plate

The H license plate reveals that the vehicle is more than 30 years old. The exterior of this Mercedes is also in impeccable condition

Source: sp-x

Real classic cars that are more than 30 years old are often looked after with great dedication by their owners. The list of defects is different for younger vehicles.

OMost owners cherish ldtimers. That explains their good performance in the GTÜ Deficiency Report (Society for Technical Surveillance). The classics with the H mark are at the same level as the one to five year old vehicles if they have significant defects. While 70 percent of all passenger cars over the age of ten have defects, the rate in the age group over 30 with an H license plate is around 50 percent.

Defects in tires and brakes are rarely found in classic cars. However, it is an arduous journey for the vehicles to achieve classic status. The examined youngtimers, i.e. cars between 25 and 29 years of age, had 74.5 percent defects last year, and 26.6 percent even had significant defects.

There are currently over 600,000 vintage cars on Germany’s roads, and according to the GTÜ, the number is growing by around ten percent annually. The H mark is only given to vehicles that are at least 30 years old and have been officially tested as "automotive cultural property ”apply.

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