KIA Concept EV9 relies on new philosophy “Opposites United”

KIA Concept EV9 relies on new philosophy

KIA insisted on presenting the new, purely electrically powered SUV study KIA Concept EV9 at AutoMobility LA in Los Angeles. Teased in advance as a large, bulky electric SUV, the electric SUV also presents itself as such. But KIA wants to show so much more with the EV9. Because with this concept vehicle, the brand is giving the clearest indication yet of what the next model in the new generation of electric vehicles could be.

If you draw a comparison, for example with the e-Soul, which is probably no less clumsy, the old models do indeed look “outdated”. Compared to the current KIA EV6, the EV6 presents itself as boxy and has an almost flat roofline. He seems to be significantly greater, which explains the jump of “6” to “9”. The EV9 should be based on the “Electric Global Modular Platform”, short E-GMP, which allows fast charging thanks to 800 volt battery and offers a great range,. The first models on the new platform have already been published: The Ioniq 5 of Hyundai, the EV6 of Kia and the GV60 of Hyundais Premium offshoot genesis.

KIA Concept EV9 relies on new philosophy Kia

The nature-inspired design of the study includes upcicytic materials obtained from the sea driving plastic waste. His impressive aesthetics owes the SUV of the KIA design philosophyOpposites United” (United opposites) based on different columns. The design team inspired in the creation of Concept Ev9 especially through the pillar “Bold for Nature” (courage to nature). This has contributed to the study’s iconic bold form, which blends logical and emotional qualities with playfully rugged features and styling elements.

“The Kia Concept EV9 is another milestone for us on an incredible journey since the beginning of the year. We have clearly stated our intentions – to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions – and today we are proud to show the world our electric SUV study. It combines a highly developed emission-free drive with a cutting-edge exterior design and a contemporary interior based on innovative technology.— Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Chief Designer at Kia

As KIA indicates, the concept vehicle combines a striking profile with a modern, elegant and state-of-the-art interior. The Stromer should stir up a thirst for adventure while at the same time appearing open-minded and leisure-oriented. The modern, angular side view gives the electric SUV simple but unmistakable contours. Even a layman can see a visually lower body center of gravity. In combination with the sharply cut edges of the high-positioned fenders, inspired by crystal shapes, the concept car presents itself as a powerful SUV.

At the front, the Concept EV9 shows the typical Kia “tiger face”, which has been further developed for the electric vehicle era. The new “digital tiger face” benefits from the fact that fully electric vehicles no longer need a traditional radiator grille. The result is a closed, colored front with a lasting look.

KIA Concept EV9 relies on new philosophy KIA

KIA itself already provides specific technical data for the concept vehicle. Which certainly speaks for the fact that the EV9 could be transferred from concept status to series production. The Concept EV9 is 4.930mm long, 2.055 mm wide and 1.790 mm high and has a wheelbase of 3.100mm. Based on the GMP platform, the Stromer has a range of 483 km. Due to the ultra-fast charging technology, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 20 to 30 minutes at 350 kW stations.

An interactive 27-inch widescreen display is used for connectivity with the outside world as well as for controlling infotainment, climate control and comfort functions. The interior of the Concept EV9 offers a choice of three modes tailored to different driving situations and requirements. “Active Mode” is the mode while driving, which focuses on an optimal driving experience for driver and passengers. The other two modes are aimed at situations in which the vehicle is stationary. In “Pause Mode” the interior resembles a luxurious lounge. The second stationary mode is the “Enjoy Mode”. By opening the tailgate and reversing the third-row seats, the interior becomes a break room, allowing all occupants to connect with the outside world while remaining comfortably seated in the vehicle.

KIA Concept EV9 relies on new philosophy KIA

Water elements played an important role as the Kia design team looked for sustainable and ecological materials for the study. Recycled fishing nets are used for the flooring, while recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool fibers are used for the seat covers. In addition, vegan leather was used throughout the interior. Kia plans to gradually reduce the use of animal leather in all of its vehicles.

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  1. What is this design supposed to do? Aerodynamics bring range! Or is it only intended as a city vehicle with which helicopter parents can take their child to school (or to the riding stables).

  2. In the last year I have never had a parking space in which this door solution would have worked. I probably would never have gotten the whole car in inc. Opportunity to exit!

  3. A new SUV, how pioneering is that?? With the charm of a cigar box. But yes, that’s definitely the next hot shit. That’s what electromobility was invented for? Cars with the aerodynamics of a howitzer tank and a resource consumption of several small cars. You can be proud of yourself KIA.


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