General Motors builds 40.000 charging points in North America

General Motors builds 40.000 charging points in North America-points

The US car company General Motors has announced that it will use its extensive dealer network in the USA and Canada to set up a nationwide network of charging stations. The plan is to have a good 40 in total from 2022.000 charging stations with Level 2 charging, i.e. AC chargers with an output of up to 19 kW. This initiative is part of GM’s recently announced commitment to invest a good $750 million in charging infrastructure through its Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem.

The car manufacturer, together with its dealers, wants to set up charging points where access to charging electric vehicles is currently often still restricted. Under the Dealer Community Charging program, charging points will be installed at key locations in the dealer’s communities, such as workplaces, apartment buildings, sports and entertainment venues, and colleges and universities. These charging stations should be available to all e-drivers and not just reserved exclusively for GM customers. According to GM, a good 90 percent of Americans live less than ten miles from a GM facility.

GM also announced the launch of a new line of three Ultium Level 2 smart charging stations available for purchase through dealers or online. “We want to give customers the right tools and in-store access where and when they need them. At the same time, we’re working with our dealer network to accelerate the roll-out of accessible stores in the US and Canada, particularly in underserved rural and urban areas,” said GM President Mark Reuss.

In the US and Canada, many urban and rural areas still have charging deserts that lack the EV charging infrastructure needed for wider EV adoption. As part of its Dealer Community Charging Program, GM provides each of its EV dealers with up to 10 Level 2 charging stations for use at key locations in local communities. GM also says it is working with policymakers, community leaders and industry groups to accelerate the rollout of charging stations and infrastructure and improve access for those who may not be able to install charging stations in their homes, such as residents of inner-city apartment buildings.

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