From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range


Electric SUV from Audi with a sensational range

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-sport utility vehicles (SUV)

Audi boss Rupert Stadler presents the new Audi Q7 e-tron at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. A fully electric SUV from the brand will follow the plug-in hybrid in a few years

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Audi is pursuing plans that many consider absurd: a fully electric luxury SUV. While others only consider e-mobility to be sensible for small cars, Ingolstadt is deliberately taking a different approach.

Toyota was early again. After the Japanese manufacturer brought out the pioneer among hybrid mobiles with the Prius in 1997, pioneering work was also carried out on the RAV4. Toyota launched an electric version of the compact SUV three years ago – in California, the US state where customers are particularly enthusiastic about alternative drives.

But unlike the Prius, which has now almost achieved cult status, because one or the other celebrity likes to present themselves as eco-conscious with it, the electric SUV is no longer available. “He was ahead of his time,” says Toyota spokesman Thomas Heidbrink.

But the market is not dead for such absurd-looking vehicles. This is made clear by the plans of a manufacturer that is not exactly known for quick fixes: Audi. In the Volkswagen group, people often think twice about the matter, which has led to an image of not exactly rushed willingness to innovate.

90 kWh ensure a range of 500 kilometers

This time, however, you obviously think faster than the traditional competition, because no other large-scale manufacturer has specified its plans as concretely as Audi. At the latest annual press conference, Ulrich Hackenberg, Head of Development, announced that Audi would bring out an electric Sport Activity Vehicle in spring 2018 (a name that incidentally indicates that the utility of SUVs – utility – is currently shifting towards lifestyle, which is why many manufacturers prefer crossovers instead of using the well-worn term SUV associated with fuel thirst).

That’s how hefty the surcharges for hybrid cars are

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-electric cars

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The business sedan BMW Active Hybrid 5 with 340 hp costs 65,400 euros. With an equally beefy 3.0-liter six-cylinder petrol engine (306 hp) and 8-speed automatic but without electric drive partner there is the Munich from 55,050 euros.

Source: BMW

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-SUV (sport utility vehicles)

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As a cheaper alternative to the common so-called full hybrid drive, the mild hybrid has been the talk of the town lately. The cheaper 48-volt mild hybrid technology von Schaeffler and Continental are to go into series production at a European car manufacturer next year. The two suppliers have already demonstrated it in the "Gasoline Technology Car" (GTC), a converted Ford Focus. The standard consumption of the GTC fell by 17 percent compared to the comparable conventional version of the Ford – to 4.1 l / 100 km and just below 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

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From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-electric car

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The manufacturer Kia is also working on the mild hybrid drive: At the Paris Motor Show, the Korean manufacturer presented the Kia Optima T-Hybrid study with a corresponding drive, der will make future models of the brand more economical and environmentally friendly.

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From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Volkswagen

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The Volkswagen Group is currently fully on the socket: the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Sportback e-tron with 204 PS is a plug-in hybrid that charges from the socket and costs from 37,900 euros. As a 1.4 TFSI Sportback with a petrol engine (150 PS), its base price is 28,090 euros. Is cheaper…

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From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-electric car

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… the sister model VW Golf. As a GTE plug-in hybrid with a 1.4 TSI petrol engine (150 PS), the compact also receives drive support from a 54 kW electric machine. Base price: 36,900 euros. For the Golf with the same power output solo drive in the Lounge version, however, 27,925 euros have to be paid.

Source: Volkswagen

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Audi

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At Mercedes, the plug-in hybrid drive is moving into the middle class. With a starting price of 50,961 euros, the C 350 e is almost 4,000 euros more expensive than the normal hybrid model. The station wagon is available from 52,627 euros. In both body versions, a combination of a four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor provides propulsion. The system output is 279 hp, the purely electric range is 31 kilometers. The manufacturer specifies a consumption of 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Source: Daimler

Not much is known about the car that could possibly be named Q6 e-tron. The manufacturer only reveals this much at the moment: The vehicle is being constructed from the same construction kit as the new Q7. In order to achieve a range of more than 500 kilometers, the Ingolstadt-based company relies on a battery with a comparatively large capacity of 90 kilowatt hours.

This means that the electrified Audi would have more juice on board than the Tesla Model S, which was previously lonely in this regard and is supplied with a power storage device of a maximum of 85 kWh. The first SUV from the American electric brand will also be based on the platform of the sporty e-sedan from Silicon Valley.

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Tesla Motors

Back in 2012, Tesla boss Elon Musk unveiled the Model X, an SUV with an electric drive. According to the latest plans, the car is due to hit the market in spring 2016


The seven-seater with two electric motors will be delivered for the first time at the beginning of next year, according to the promise on the manufacturer’s website. But so far Audi and Tesla have not appeared as direct competitors; in terms of sales, the Americans already play a few leagues under the German premium brand. In addition, the start date of the Model X, which was initially set for the end of 2014, has already been postponed.

Electric car, full-fledged car

Only about Jaguar are there currently rumors that the British brand could also plan an E version if it enters the SUV segment with the F-Pace. Other manufacturers are trying to get out of the affair in the jacked-up fuel guzzler segment with the plug-in hybrid drive, which enables record-breaking low standard fuel consumption of around two liters.

Mitsubishi has the Outlander PHEV, the new Volvo XC90 will also be available with a socket and fuel filler cap; BMW is pursuing corresponding plans for the X5, and also Audi itself with the Q7, which will be available as an e-tron quattro with a 3.0 from spring 2016 A liter of six-cylinder diesel and an electric motor will roll onto the road, where it should travel up to 50 kilometers in a purely electric manner.

That’s the spa effect of the XC90

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-California

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A long, perhaps rocky road lies ahead of Volvo: The XC90 is set to establish a new era for the Swedish manufacturer. The model was designed …

Source: Volvo

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Audi

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… the German designer Thomas Ingenlath, who once worked for Skoda. The large SUV is the first to do this …

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From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-auto

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… is based on the new modular system from Volvo, which the Swedes call "Scalable Product Architecture" – SPA for short. Entire models can be set up on this technical platformbuild rows. At least three offshoots are being considered for the XC90: sedan, coupe, station wagon. The SUV will …

Source: Peter Ruch

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Audi

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… at a competitive price: For the entry-level model with 190 hp two-liter diesel and front-wheel drive, dealers will charge less than 50,000 euros when the car is out in the fallf the market comes. The planned plug-in hybrid costs from 76,705 euros. In any case, it is minimalistic …

Source: Volvo

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-California

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… the interior designed. Large wooden elements, leather and an intuitive touchscreen the size of a tablet computer determine the look. When it comes to safety, I’m workingt an army of assistance systems, including the City Safety system invented by Volvo, which recognizes pedestrians, cyclists and other cars and initiates braking.

Source: Volvo

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-SUV (sport utility vehicles)

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As can be expected from a car of this size, the XC90 can also be ordered as a seven-seater. Whether you are on board with a full occupation with children and everything, however…

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From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-Ingolstadt

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… will drive over stony slopes? Like many SUVs, the Volvo XC90 will probably be driven mainly on normal roads like a normal car – even if it can do it differentlye.

Source: Volvo

According to brand spokesman Josef Schlobmacher, the fact that Audi would also like to offer a purely electric drive in a large car is due to the “requirement profile of a first vehicle” that the manufacturer is pursuing. Unlike, for example, the Toyota brand, for which battery-electric vehicles have to be small and, according to spokesman Heidbrink, make sense, especially in urban areas, due to their mediocre range to date, according to spokesman Heidbrink, the Ingolstadt-based company takes a different approach.

From 2018: Audi electric SUV with a super-long range-sport utility vehicles (SUV)

Audi has already built a fully electric car: the R8 e-tron. A prototype is on the way here in December 2009. The battery runabout never went on sale

Source: Audi

“Even an electric car has to be a fully-fledged car. Our concept is not two seats and a small luggage compartment, but a more variable solution is required, ”says Schlobmacher. One problem that had to be solved, however, was that an SUV is a comparatively heavy car. If the capacity remains the same, one battery charge will take you less. So far, this has made things difficult for many.

On the other hand, large cars like the planned Audi SUV offer more space for batteries, so the Ingolstadt-based company is apparently getting the challenge under control. What makes it credible is that one would rather think about things three times under the umbrella of Volkswagen before realizing them. However, the alleged Q6 e-tron is still a long way from entering the market.

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