Europe: Tesla sales only slightly behind VW Group

Europe: Tesla sales only slightly behind VW Group-europe

Tesla really doesn’t have it easy in Europe. By 2019, almost every third electric car on Europe’s roads was a Tesla. By early 2020, the supremacy began to wane. The American automobile manufacturer is now catching up and is occupying an important position in the European e-car market. Tesla closed the first nine months of Europe’s passenger car market as the second largest electric car brand. With 112.500 new registrations in the region, only 4.100 units behind the VW brand.

With a corresponding vehicle cushion in China and delivery of these electric vehicles to Europe, Tesla is able to regain market share. According to this, analyst Matthias Schmidt assumes that in the second half of 2021 around 90.000 deliveries of the Tesla Stromer will take place. With the Model Y, a Stromer comes onto the Norwegian market, where there has been no new Tesla model for 2.5 years. Overall, European e-car sales of 165.000 units expected. This corresponds to an e-car share of around 15 percent or 1.5 percent of the entire European car market. Tesla‘s rolling 12-month volume is 146.100 units by the 30th. Sep 2021.

Let’s look at the market leader in Europe. The VW Group with its electric vehicles from the VW, Audi, SKODA, SEAT and Porsche brands totals 201.300 units or 284.600 units over a rolling 12 month rolling period. According to Schmidt, this indicates that we will have over 300 by the end of the year.000 all-electric vehicles from the VW Group will be seen in Europe.

Nevertheless, it must be said that Tesla will replace the VW brand at 45 in the third quarter of 2021.900 registrations versus 42.surpassed 350 units. The ID.4 deliveries by VW in the third quarter (Dec.750) also stuttered and fell by over 5.000 units from the previous quarter (Dec.400) and was replaced by the SKODA Enyaq (13th.200) overtaken in the third quarter. It should be noted that European ID.4 models will be exported to the US, although local production there will not begin until Q3 2022. Total deliveries of the MEB models amounted to 123.000 units, of which 96.300 rolled off the Zwickau line.

However, Tesla’s slow rise on a quarterly basis should perhaps be viewed with less caution, as increasing coverage of Europe’s arterial roads and roads has made Tesla’s electric cars ubiquitous in many European countries. The German market is now playing an increasingly important role for Tesla. As Schmidt knows, priority is now being given to the German market over other countries. The decisive factor here is the subsidy programs in Germany, which make Tesla electric vehicles appear even more attractive.

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9 thoughts on “Europe: Tesla sales only slightly behind VW Group”

  1. But the headline really doesn’t quite match the numbers in the text.

    The text says 165,000 against 300,000 for the year. That’s not close behind, although that may be the case for a single quarter.

  2. great news….

    Let’s look at the market leader in Europe. The VW Group with its electric vehicles from the VW, Audi, SKODA, SEAT and Porsche brands totals 201.300 units

    Why does someone call themselves the market leader who needs 5 companies to overtake another company in terms of registration numbers and does not even have the qualities of a market leader?

    Market leadership refers to being at the forefront of company towards theirs competitorn

    that would be things like

    • technical. Know-how
    • battery size
    • vehicle availability
    • ability to deliver
    • Possibly. charging network
    • service network
    • quality

    where the last 3 are subjective things that everyone evaluates differently…

    If you then only rely on the vehicles sold, VW shouldn’t be mentioned because they don’t have any rockets in the group 😉

    it’s still nice how VW tries to fool people into thinking they are the market leaders..
    repeating stuff over and over until people believe it…

    I think it’s called “indoctrination”… early propaganda
    or today marketing

    it remains exciting

  3. Tesla also sells well in Germany because there is no Tempomit here.
    A Model 3 Standard Range + has a top speed of 225 km/h, some competitors limit it to 160 km/h,

  4. No matter how cleverly you try to manipulate, VW is ahead when it comes to electric vehicles in Europe. And Tesla’s formerly 33% market share has essentially halved.

  5. Until recently, the compilations by ‘Analyst Matthias Schmidt’ were completely neutral, pure accounting, so to speak. If you look at the last ‘briefings’ on his homepage, then that has changed. Brands are now being pushed. Apparently the gentleman has changed his business model. I understand that insofar as the customers probably don’t pay him as much for the purely mathematically compiled analyzes as a few manufacturers do for a little support. Above all, the pure numbers for a certain manufacturer in Europe got worse and worse if you don’t pay a little attention to it (-> September numbers). Too bad, now you have to put together the neutral numbers yourself.

  6. Well hopefully nothing changes to VWS great numbers of Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Seat, if Tesla 2022 additionally 100.000 Teslas from Grunheide in the EU sold ..

  7. I think it’s great that VW also sells Eautos. But I would be much more interested in how many burners are less sold. Here lobbyed VW is active everywhere to be able to sell even as long as possible. So is the one, dinosaur the other. A clear statement on the final exit would be much more intelligent than numbers acrobatics and recharging individual brands into a consolidated result.Such acrobatics shows which panic in the chief days at VW & Co. prevails and that’s the best thing that can happen. Only so spin the stinking burners. At VW, it takes a lot longer.
    And by the way, with the three-digit millions that VW has to spend on advertising to keep the products in the market, it doesn’t surprise me that the products are actually bought. I tend to trust products that sell without the market needing to be constantly irrigated. In any case, it will remain exciting – definitely not because of VW’s innovative strength.

  8. Tesla started delivering the Model Y in Q3. Since the pre-orders are now being processed, very high sales figures can be expected temporarily, as with the Model 3 start in 2019. On the other hand, waiting times for VAG vehicles are now sometimes half a year or more (ID.3 10 months).

    ps Various brands roll off the assembly line at VW in Zwickau. In this respect, the comparisons between Tesla and Volkswagen as brands make no sense. That is precisely the advantage of MEB/PPE/SSP.

  9. Tesla is simply superior to the German manufacturers in terms of the overall concept. Just drive 800 km within 1 day through Germany with a Tesla and ID.3.


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