ElectricRoutes promises to find the best route in under 2 seconds

ElectricRoutes promises to find the best route in under 2 seconds-promises

Sebastian Gieschen was in this episode of the electric car news.net podcast and talked to me about the company ElectricRoutes GmbH, which was founded in 2021, and their route planning solution for e-cars of the same name. In an interview, Sebastian shows how ElectricRoutes manages to make route planning more attractive for short and long distances than other market competitors and how you can use your own strengths compared to already installed navigation solutions.

ElectricRoutes has been available as a (free) app for iOS and Android since the beginning of October. In addition, the company has launched a website that also allows route planning. As Sebastian explains, ElectricRoutes “calculates the best route in less than 2 seconds and, with its user-friendly design, enables all e-vehicle drivers to have a stress-free journey without fear of range.That’s the promise of him and the team behind it.

This is possible because the route planning solution for e-cars relies on vehicle data from its own test drives and a self-developed algorithm that is faster and more accurate than competing solutions. The route planner uses more than 50 parameters to provide drivers with an individual and optimal route suitable for their electric cars. As Sebastian explains, in addition to the range and charging speed of the selected vehicles, the availability of charging stations is also taken into account. However, the main feature of the digital route planner is that it learns with every use. For example, the system can adapt the charging stops to the preferences of the e-drivers and learn from them.

Business customers also have the option of integrating route planning into their own apps via an API. For this purpose, ElectricRoutes offers a developer portal with the usable interfaces and the associated documentation. As always, there are more details in the episode itself. So go ahead, listen!

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3 thoughts on “ElectricRoutes promises to find the best route in under 2 seconds”

  1. There is ABRP. If something is missing, then it is, on the one hand, the integration of the car in order to see the actual consumption in real time and to dynamically adjust it while driving. Because it makes a huge difference whether you are only allowed to drive 80 km/h on the A2 westbound from Magdeburg for 100 km because the dynamic gantries have “seen” fog or you can drive freely in headwind and rain. The app would also have to be able to condition the battery via an interface, and finally the navigation would have to be much better at detecting events such as heavy traffic, traffic jams, construction sites and reacting to them in the route guidance.

    I don’t see any progress with this solution on these three points. And to design a basic route at home on the PC, ABRP is always good.

  2. Just installed the app, tested some of my typical long-distance trips with it and uninstalled the app again. I don’t have to discuss here what’s missing from this software, I don’t have that much time. Anyone familiar with ABRP knows how much room for improvement Electric Routes still has. It’s best to try it yourself.


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