Electric motorcycle BMW CE 04 starts series production

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Electric motorcycle BMW CE 04 starts series production-electric

A few days ago, the BMW Group plant in Berlin celebrated the start of series production of the purely electrically powered BMW CE 04 and its official variant. BMW Motorrad is continuing its electric mobility strategy with the e-scooter. Climate change, demographic changes and digitization provide great challenges, especially in urban metropolitan areas,. At the same time, there are new opportunities for the design of a sustainable, sustainable traffic system. This task is the BMW Group and works on a variety of innovative solutions. One of them is the expansion of electromobility.

“With the production start of the CE 04 we go the next step in the Electromobility Roadmap of BMW Motorrad. All future new models of BMW Motorrad in the field of urban mobility will be 100 percent electric.”- Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad

Already in 2014, BMW Motorrad and the Berlin factory site with the E-Scooter C Evolution pioneering work in the field of electrified two-wheeled mobility. The Berlin factory team is now expanding the production depth in terms of electromobility: As part of the drive production, the electric motor is assembled in the Berlin factory. When assembling the high-voltage battery, the battery housing is now also manufactured locally. The memory modules for the BMW CE 04 are sourced from the Dingolfing BMW Group plant. This fifth generation of BMW Group memory modules is also used in passenger cars such as the new BMW iX.

Electric motorcycle BMW CE 04 starts series production-productionbmw

“We prepared our plant for e-production at an early stage and are therefore able to serve a wide range of BMW motorcycle segments from our Berlin plant,” says Helmut Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad Production. A flexible and modular assembly area has been created on an area of around 1000 square meters for the assembly of the fully electric CE 04 scooter. In order to ensure maximum precision and efficiency, a plate assembly line is used, which is aligned in an elliptical shape and is constantly moving. Optimum use of space, efficient material flows and ergonomically designed workplaces characterize the new assembly area for the BMW CE 04, according to the manufacturer in a recent press release.

Technological competence and digitization

Innovative production technology goes hand in hand with an innovative vehicle concept: the entire assembly line for electric motor production was planned virtually. In this way, the arrangement of the machines, the assembly sequences and the provision of materials could be mapped in the best possible way in advance and optimized with regard to ergonomic aspects for the employees.

The Berlin plant also relies on innovative technology during the training phase for the production team. The employees are trained with the help of a start-up training session supported by augmented reality (AR). Using AR glasses, employees can view various training courses on relevant production steps at any time. The assembly activities to be carried out and corresponding explanations are displayed in real time in the field of vision and can then be implemented later directly on the vehicle.

sustainable production

The principle of sustainability forms the focus of activities at the BMW Group plant in Berlin, as it does throughout the BMW Group, as the manufacturer emphasizes. The aim and obligation is to take responsibility in economic, ecological and social terms and to act with foresight.

For the economical use of valuable resources such as water, energy and materials, motorcycle production in the center of the federal capital follows the “Clean Production” principle, which applies to the entire BMW Group production network. Its goal is clean production with minimal impact on the environment. According to the BMW Group, it has been able to reduce waste in production by 80 percent since 2006. Very good progress has also been made with water, energy and solvents.

Electric motorcycle BMW CE 04 starts series production-electricbmw

The manufacturer relies on modern production technologies in many areas, for example in the use of water-based paints, with its own power and heat generation through a combined heat and power plant, smart ventilation systems and in-house water treatment systems.

In the energy center of the Berlin plant, heating and. Process heat and electricity generated from natural gas. With four hot water boilers and a combined heat and power plant, the need for heating and process heat as well as the base load of electricity is completely covered. The proportion of regenerative energy in external electricity purchases was 100 percent in 2020.

Ambitious goals for climate-neutral production

At the start of series production of the CE 04, the Berlin plant also announced a reduction in CO2 emissions in production by 80 percent and in energy consumption by 25 percent by 2030 (vs. 2019): “Our technological expertise helps us to achieve our ambitious climate goals. As a premium manufacturer, we aim to lead the way when it comes to sustainability. We see ourselves as an impetus for climate-neutral production in the capital. After all, climate-neutral production secures Berlin as an industrial location,” says Helmut Schramm, Head of Production at BMW Motorrad.

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  1. well, a motorcycle is something else…

    Heading should probably be corrected because it is a scooter.

    And e-scooters aren’t new either, there will soon be a million driving around in India and China.
    And for the price I get a real motorcycle…

    it will probably take a while before this is implemented

    that remains exciting

  2. Sorry BMW, your competitors solve that better. This is not an electric motorcycle and if I use it as a service vehicle for the police, ADAC, etc. should drive, the windshield should be large enough so that no one recognizes me.


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