Eight things that every car fan should do once


Eight things that every car fan should do once

Eight things that every car fan should do once-horsepower enthusiasts

Standing in the car instead of sitting in the car? Do something crazy

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Do you prefer the driver’s seat to the sofa? And do you mainly use your legs for the accelerator? Here are eight challenges that horsepower enthusiasts should face once in their life.

Uur life is usually completely organized and timed. Our cars, at least when they are new, adapt to this perfection. There are usually no unpleasant surprises, but pleasant ones too. It is high time that we car fans did something crazy and turned left, even though the navigation system wanted to go in the other direction.

1) Set off spontaneously at night until sunrise

Many modern cars have a range of 1000 kilometers. Take advantage of it, for example after a great evening. Are you not tired yet? And do you have the most exciting woman or the coolest friends on board? Then get in the car and drive off. Ride until it gets light and enjoy the sun, view and life. But keep an eye on the fuel gauge!

2) Negotiate when buying a car like in a bazaar

If you are looking for a new vehicle, test your negotiating skills. Go to the notorious flag vendors on the gravel square. You will see: it is a lot of fun to act like in the bazaar. It is a game to play poker, to discuss and to lament the advantages and weaknesses of the car with the other person in floral words. And when you come across your dream car with this exercise, you will surely be able to negotiate the best price.

One of the final challenges of our technologically advanced society is the emancipation from all technical devices. This is particularly difficult in modern cars that are crammed with electronics and assistance systems. You don’t need to switch off the ABS directly. But treat yourself to the fun and do exactly the opposite of what the navigation device advises you: left instead of right, stay on the road instead of turning – you may come across blooming landscapes.

4) Save yourself the frenzy

It’s hard to believe, but driving fast is always in vain, in the sense of in vain. Instead of the hoped-for time savings, it only causes stress and additional costs. An example: on a five-kilometer motorway construction site, you prefer to drive around 100 km / h instead of the mandatory 80.

Eight things that every car fan should do once-horsepower enthusiasts

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Apart from the fact that this impatience can cost you a fine of 70 euros and a point, you save a ridiculous 45 seconds. It becomes dramatic if you lose your driver’s license: it takes around 100 hours to get the driver’s license back. To make up this time again, you would have to drive 42,000 kilometers 20 km / h too fast.

5) Understand your four-stroke engine

Turn the ignition key and accelerate: driving a car is so easy. But do you actually know how your engine has to toil for it? And always in the same cycle: 1. Suction: the piston moves downwards. The inlet valve is opened and the gas-air mixture enters the cylinder. 2. Compression: The crankshaft drives the piston upwards. All valves are closed and the mixture is compressed. 3. Burning: The gas-air mixture burns explosively. This accelerates the piston downwards and drives the crankshaft. This forwards the energy to the transmission, the vehicle moves. 4. Exhaust: The exhaust valve opens, the exhaust gases are expelled.

6) Buy your first car again

What was your first car? Did you inherit it from Grandma? Or did your parents put a particularly practical model in your driveway for your 18th birthday? No matter how you got it: the first car is always a very special box. Even if it has let you down or you have invested an infinite amount of time in repairs: Buy the same model again. Get in and feel young!

7) Play Auto Quartet extensively

Which car has more horsepower? And which is the largest displacement? There was a time when the students didn’t play with their smartphones, but instead passed the time with a car or tank quartet during the break. Here are the rules of the game as a reminder: The player to the left of the dealer throws a parameter from his card such as the number of cylinders, engine power or maximum speed into the round. The teammates hold against it with their bolides. The car with the highest value "stands out".

8) Say "I love you" to your car

Your car will accompany you everywhere and carry you across the streets – regardless of whether you are in a good mood or very depressed. It protects you from wind and weather, helps you transport all the things you need for life. Your vehicle is always there for you. It’s only made of sheet metal, but a good friend. Wouldn’t it even be time for a declaration of love?

The Munich author Susanne Flachmann has compiled these eight and many other challenges for horsepower enthusiasts in her book "100 things that real car fans must have done once." The book was published by Geramond-Verlag and costs 14.99 euros.

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