Effective immediately: The strictest catalog of fines of all time


The strictest catalog of fines ever

Effective immediately: The strictest catalog of fines of all time-

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Up until now, Germany was considered Europe’s paradise for fines. That’s enough of that. The harshest increase in fines of all time will apply from Sunday: The penalties for lawn, jostling and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be doubled in some cases. WELT ONLINE has compiled the new tariffs.

M.ith standard rates that are up to twice as high, the federal government will take tough action in the future. Reason: Despite the number of accidents falling every year, the still almost 5,000 road deaths are clearly too many. In addition, the increase in penalties is intended to ensure that fines can also be enforced against EU foreigners. The new fines will come into effect on February 1, 2009. The regulations for points in the traffic offenders index in Flensburg have not been changed in the new catalog.

Anyone who drives 21 kilometers an hour too fast in built-up areas – this also applies to 30 km / h zones – will pay a fine of 80 instead of the previous 50 euros. There is also a point in the register of offenders in Flensburg. At 31 kilometers per hour above the permitted speed limit, 160 (instead of 100) and extra-urban 120 (instead of 75) euros are due in urban areas.

If you really step on the gas and exceed the permissible top speed by more than 70 kilometers per hour, you will pay 680 euros in urban areas instead of the previous 425 euros, and out of town 600 instead of the previous 375 euros. There are also points and a three-month driving ban.

Driving too fast in poor visibility is also punished more severely. If the visibility is less than 50 meters, the speed limit is limited to 50 kilometers per hour. Those who drive faster will have to dig deep into their pockets. More than 30 kilometers per hour above the speed limit then costs 120 (instead of 75) euros outside of town.

Even those who are drunk or under the influence of drugs have to pay more. Both offenses will cost 500 (instead of 250) euros the first time in the future. The penalty for repeat offenders is 1000 (instead of 500) euros for the second offense, and 1500 (instead of 750) euros for the third time. Anyone who acts deliberately will be asked to pay 3000 euros. Novice drivers who do not adhere to the zero alcohol rule have to pay 250 (instead of 125) euros. As before, additional training must be completed and the probationary period will be extended to four years.

Driving over a red traffic light will in future be punished with fines of 90 (instead of 50) to 360 (instead of 75) euros. The penalty depends on how long the traffic light has been switched to red and how severe the consequences of the traffic violation are. "Late yellow" is punished with 90 euros. If there is a risk, 200 (instead of 125) euros and a month’s driving ban are the result. If an accident happens, it gets even more expensive.

Even too close a distance is punished more severely. Anyone who keeps too little distance from the vehicle in front at speeds over 80 km / h must expect a fine of at least 75 euros (instead of 40). The maximum penalty if the safety distance is too short and a speed of more than 130 km / h is 600 (instead of 400) euros, four points in the traffic offender register and a three-month driving ban.

The fine for dangerous overtaking maneuvers is doubled, from 125 to 250 euros. Whoever is caught disregarding the right of way has to pay twice as much as before, namely 100 instead of the previous 50 euros. Violations when turning, turning and reversing are punished with rates between 70 (instead of 40) and 80 (instead of 50) euros. And illegal car races are also cracked down on. The penalty increases three times. Those who organize such races pay a fine of 500 euros, those who take part pay 400 euros.

On January 19, the new driving license law marked the end of so-called driving license tourism: foreign driving licenses are no longer valid if the German driving license has been withdrawn by the police.

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