Does Mercedes really want to sell the EQA? Or would you prefer the GLA?

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At the end of the configuration, a comparison with conventional alternatives appears

Does Mercedes really want to sell the EQA? Or would you prefer the GLA?-prefer

Anyone with a Mercedes EQA configured, at the end, without being asked, receives a table that shows not only the individualized electric car, but also conventional models such as the GLA or GLB for comparison.

A Twitter user named JanusPrime pointed this out.

We tried it ourselves and it's true. At the end of the extensive configuration process, we received a table that suggested the GLB 200 in addition to the configured model. Which models are shown obviously depends on the packages and extras chosen. The Twitter user felt irritated and wondered whether even the manufacturers would now want to talk you out of buying electric cars:

In the example shown, the conventional alternatives to the EQA (a GLB 200 and a GLA Online Special) are cheaper and also available immediately, while the EQA says "On request" if available. Both are suitable to deter the almost convinced buyer from buying. However, the percentages shown do not represent the savings (as one might believe), but rather how close the alternative comes to the configured model.

It remains unclear why the Mercedes configurator does not offer electric customers the EQC as an alternative. If you configure a GLA 250 e (i.e. the plug-in model based on the same platform), a table also appears, in which the electric model is not listed.

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Mercedes EQA (2021) starts as EQA 250 with a range of 426 km

The delivery fees that VW dealers allegedly want to introduce could also have a deterrent effect on electric car buyers, as Automobilwoche now reports. The dealers are then considering introducing a flat-rate service charge for delivery, which costs them up to 300 euros, which the manufacturer does not cover. When buying an ID.3 or ID.4 the dealer is no longer the contractual partner of the customer, but only an agent. Although VW receives a lump sum, it does not seem to cover the actual costs.

The rumor has been circulating for a long time that many car manufacturers do not want to sell electric cars at all because they earn little or nothing from them, or even pay extra. The actions of Mercedes and VW are reminiscent of these rumors.

Picture gallery: Mercedes EQA 250 (2021)

Does Mercedes really want to sell the EQA? Or would you prefer the GLA?-want

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