Bye, Bye Byon? – this time finally!

Bye, Bye Byon? - this time finally!-finally

Completely, byton no longer looks through. A steady up and down is becoming more and more distinguished in the once promising start-up from China. The latest development was the departure of BYTON CEO Daniel Kirchert, who packed his bags and left the company. Slowly but surely, the doors for the last employees at BYTON seem to be closing.

While there were rumors at the beginning of the year that the Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the ailing Chinese electric car startup BYTON, these did not appear to be true. It was probably planned that Foxconn should roll off the first M-BYTE from BYTON, which was already rather quiet in 2020.

In addition to the non-implemented cooperation with Foxconn, the city government of Nanjing stopped supporting the start-up two months ago. FAW, as a possible investor in BYTON, has also lost interest. All of this resulted in payments no longer being able to be made and production lines being idle. As a result, a local court is said to have already initiated bankruptcy hearings. As electrive reports, in this specific case a creditor is to initiate insolvency proceedings for the Nanjing Zhixing New Energy Vehicle Technology Development Co. – i.e. Byton’s main business unit – have demanded.

It can therefore be stated that not necessarily those over 60.000 pre-orders of the first electric car helped that the M-BYTE is transferred to series production. Too bad actually. Because the e-vehicle certainly had its charm and knew how to convince. At BYTON, however, the Stromer will probably no longer roll off the assembly line. But maybe in a modified form from another manufacturer. who knows?!

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  1. In fact, informed observers are more likely to wait for the bankruptcy of a few more manufacturers who are issuing increasingly desperate marketing information instead of building cars. I don’t want to name any names in this context, not those of Sono Motors, I certainly don’t want to mention the e-Go. That would not be correct, after all, the companies mentioned are absolutely successful.


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