Buick Smart Pod: Autonomous E-commuters on GM-based

Buick Smart Pod: Autonomous E-commuters on GM-based-buick

General Motors has managed to map a large number of vehicle types with its own Ultium platform. On the basis of this same platform, GM’s Buick brand is building a future-oriented autonomous electric commuter vehicle. This is currently still presented as a concept, called Smart Pod, and shows where the journey, combining autonomous driving and GM’s Ultium platform, can go.

According to Buick, the Smart Pod combines a safe, comfortable and intelligent experience for working and relaxing during the commute. The Smart Pod allows users to maximize their productivity while experiencing a world-class level of convenience, safety and connectivity for hub-to-hub transport. “The Smart Pod is a bold design concept that unleashes the full potential of advanced technologies in electrification, automated driving and digital connectivity in a warm, tactile and luxurious manner,” said Stuart Norris, GM China and GM International Vice President of design.

Buick Smart Pod: Autonomous E-commuters on GM-based-e-commutersGeneral Motors / Buick

The Smart Pod is a fully autonomous e-vehicle that is designed to offer personal space and well-being. In direct comparison to traditional vehicles, the Smart Pod features micro-LED lighting technology instead of traditional headlights and taillights. With a dynamic wake-up light animation, passengers are greeted as they approach, giving a personal and high-tech feel.

Inside, passengers can then relax on innovative sleeper seats that can be fully reclined. Which Buick says is the most convenient and efficient way to commute. The multi-variable seating arrangement makes networking and relaxation even easier. As the brand goes on to say, the interior reflects GM’s sustainability philosophy by using premium and natural materials. Fold-out tables, improved noise cancellation, an ambient noise management system, an air purification system and other thoughtful details also contribute to a premium ambiance and an enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

Buick Smart Pod: Autonomous E-commuters on GM-based-buickGeneral Motors / Buick

The latest-generation virtual cockpit features a 50-inch Retina LED screen and offers a highly intuitive, AI-powered experience for in-vehicle virtual assistance and seamless connectivity with the outside world. The e-vehicle also uses intelligent voice control and advanced eye-tracking technology. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the concept vehicle adapts to the user and makes personalized suggestions for a variety of functions – from infotainment to comfort and vehicle operation.

With a variety of sensors, it integrates industry-leading hardware and software with a range of security features to ensure a safe, intelligent and relaxed personal mobility experience.

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