BMW teases 750 hp hybrid SUV XM

BMW teases 750 hp hybrid SUV XM-hybrid

BMW’s performance division M has played the first official teaser for the upcoming XM on its social media channels. A preview of the model set to go on sale in 2023. The manufacturer has announced that the concept car will be presented in all its glory for Art Basel in Miami, which takes place in early December.

BMW speaks of the “most expressive statement in almost 50 years of BMW M” and “highest performance, electrified”. According to rumours, the XM should deliver around 550 kW / 750 hp, partly by electric motor, but mainly by a V8 biturbo. The four-wheel drive monster is supposed to reach 100 km/h in just over three seconds. The plug-in hybrid would be the most powerful BMW ever built. The powerful, illuminated double kidney occupies a large part of the front, extremely narrow double eyes wink at the viewer. The BMW logo is sunk deep into a bead on the bonnet, which gives the front a touch more expression.

It remains to be seen whether the lighting of the kidneys will also be retained in the later production vehicle. This would not be allowed in all markets in the world. With the retrofittable M Performance front grille Iconic Glow for the X6 as well as the 3 and 5 series, BMW already has something similar on offer. However, the kidney lighting is only active when the vehicle is opened and before it is locked (welcome and follow-me-home function).

It is also interesting that the manufacturer mentions in its posts that the XM gives a preview of the new front design of the BMW luxury class. It is therefore quite possible that other models such as the upcoming BMW 7 Series G70 will appear much more dramatically in the future. The concentrated power and the unusual design, however, will have their price. Rumor the BMW XM is intended more than 150.000 Euro costs.

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13 thoughts on “BMW teases 750 hp hybrid SUV XM”

  1. One out Ecological, economic and aesthetic view kidney sick pseudoelectric stillbirth … the short or medium term unfortunately not only on the symbolic garbage pile of history lands but unfortunately become real garbage ..

  2. “That the XM give a view of the new front design of the BMW luxury class”

    One should suddenly separate from the design team, which is produced there lately is a nightmare for everyone (former.) BMW driver.

  3. BMW Marketing (OK, actually more like the whole strategy with Zipse as the leader) obviously does everything they can to make a complete fool of themselves.
    Such dinosaurs might (still) be bought by German-based clan princes or a few American or Chinese businessmen.
    But the future is different and I’m very happy to have thrown BMW out of the portfolio.

  4. Hopefully the traffic light will put an end to any improvement in hybrids, then such ridiculousness should vanish into thin air. Always sad to see what BMW has done with the courage and vision of 2013. Imagine if they had consistently continued after the i3… More expensive than Tesla, but with old BMW values..

  5. … the last thing humanity needed !!! Apart from doping SUVs from 400 to 800 hp, the car engineers have nothing left today….

  6. The philosophy behind this development is incredibly perverted. The responsible people belong to m.E. immediately fired because they understood nothing, nothing at all, regarding. protection of our earth. Maybe you can screw together such a cart for late-pubescent children who have to make their tax returns public with this nonsense car if it is possible to produce and operate it in a climate-neutral manner, but certainly not today, when we operate with dark-brown, dirty electricity. vomit.
    Perhaps with the traffic light there will also be a rethinking in politics and the state will finally intervene and levy a luxury tax of 100% on all cars from 400 hp and at least dig into the pockets of the cranks who buy something like this. As far as I know, Ronaldo shot the bird. This person has.a. a 1.500 hp sled for 1.5 million euros in his garage.

    Edit: I’ve read your comments. great!


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