Aivays starts in Spain and Portugal with E-SUV U5

Aivays starts in Spain and Portugal with E-SUV U5-spain

Aivays, one of many e-car start-ups from China, has now made it to Europe. In the future, the own e-cars of Shanghai also brings to Spain and Portugal. For this purpose, the electric manufacturer with Asta concludes. Spanish and Portuguese car buyers will be able to order the Battery Electric Aiways U5 SUV from the first quarter 2022 online or at the dealer.

Asta is a global company with presence in 14 countries. The company offers a wide range of portfolio of mobility products and solutions, for sale and subscription, with B2B, B2C and new digital channels with a clear focus on growth. Sites Astaras is pleased with the cooperation and gives you to understand that one is the firm conviction, “that the perfect moment has come to familiarize potential buying interestees with the electric vehicles of Aivays. With our extensive experience in digital transformation and Okomobility, we will promote the long-term growth of the brand, “whose CEO Jorge Navea in the corresponding communication to the partnership.

Aiways, with steady growth on the continent, is the first Chinese start-up for electric vehicles with sales in Europe. The Battery Electric Aiways U5 SUV is currently distributed in nine European markets, including Spain and Portugal as well as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. From the beginning of 2022 both the U5 and the U6 SUV Coupe should be available in Europe. Aiways plans to bring a new electrical model to the European market every year after the launch of the Aiways U6 SUV Coupe.

“Slowly but certainly we build a significant presence in Europe and also work together with future-oriented partners in each of our markets. We are well positioned to provide our growing customer base affordable but high quality ecomobility. We will use this momentum to advance further growth and expansion – not only related to other countries, but also to new products. Every year, a new AIWAYS model will roll on our streets and markets, starting with the U6 SUV-Coupe beginning next year.”- DR. Alex Klose, Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations at Aivays

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5 thoughts on “Aivays starts in Spain and Portugal with E-SUV U5”

  1. I do not know exactly what is meant by “starting” exactly. Germany is the world’s second largest market for electric cars. Spain and Portugal are rather small markets. So it makes sense to look to Germany where Aiways is already present to get an idea how well the brand arrives so far. I did that the success is manageable: Aiways has not even brought it to its own column in the KBA. You will be considered under “Other”. Of course, the buyer is guilt, as well as the solar winds – and of course Corona. But it could also be that price / performance are simply not good enough and the car no desirability causes.

  2. Reasonable concept, reasonable car. Price and performance right. Pity no 4 × 4. The market launch runs according to plan and is tactically well designed. Aiway will make his way.

  3. The charging power seems very modest. Whereby that applies to everything below an Ioniq 5, provided that you have midrease. Couple Euro cheaper than the Ioniq 5 he is probably, but the charging curve is easy for long-mounted. So City SUV … who needs it ..

  4. From the article:

    “If the crowd investment is successful and Jolt Energy collects the 2.5 million euros, Munich will be richer by ten ultra-fast charging stations.”

    But as a mental “investor” I ask myself:

    • In general, is there a sufficient overlap between those interested in crowd investing and users interested in ULTRA quick charging?

    • Are there enough interested parties with ULTRA fast-charging vehicles in the (sporadic!) installation area of the loaders in order to ensure long-term cost-covering operation at competitive prices?

    • The pillars must (and that snag isn’t even mentioned in this article!) in a similar way to Dixi toilets that are driven through the city to be charged and carted back again – only that they weigh a multiple of that -> how is the whole “heavy load” logistics and personnel expenditure supposed to be financed??

    Since the Merlin ULTRA fast charging station (with the space requirement of a bus stop) “ghosted” through the EA-N 3 years ago ..
    there you will finally find the so-called. “Milk run concept”:

    https://www.electric car

    I think the whole thing is more of a “one-off” sales promotion for the developed ULTRA fast charging station with no prospect of long-term cost-covering operation!

  5. Hello Mr. GOsebrecht, the milk run rarely takes place, since the charging stations can (also) be connected to any network, no matter how weak (which we at JOLT also prefer). The space required is (almost) no different than for a “normal” petrol pump at the gas station. And about e-cars: In the future, it will be more likely that they will no longer be able to charge with AC. Incidentally, a fast charger can also charge with less than 150 kW if the car requires it.

    We do think there will be a lot of demand for our Merlins. I would be happy if your mental investment turned into a real one!


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