ADAC report: Every second cyclist endangers himself and others


Every second cyclist endangers himself and others

ADAC report: Every second cyclist endangers himself and others-ADAC

Exemplary, but not the rule on German roads: a cyclist with luminous protective clothing sits on his bike with front and rear lights as well as spoke reflectorsn is equipped. The traffic regulations prescribe the lighting of a bicycle.

Source: picture alliance / obs / DVR

The conflict between cars and bikes is not new. The road users complain about the supposed recklessness and ignorance of the rules – of the other. Aggressiveness grows especially in city traffic. Now a nationwide random sample from the ADAC is pouring new fuel on the fire.

W.Fewer than half of the cyclists in German cities use properly illuminated bicycles. This is the result of a random survey by the ADAC, for which more than 1,500 cyclists on cycle paths at busy intersections in eleven German cities were checked.

The most frightening result: the majority of cyclists are not that careful when it comes to the lighting of their bikes. Almost 40 percent drove in the dark without lights – partly because the bike had no functioning lighting, partly because the lights were not switched on.

Another twelve percent were missing the front lamp or the tail light. And even if they are present, the condition of the lamps gives plenty of reasons for complaint from ADAC’s point of view. Almost a quarter of all bicycles had lamp housings attached, but neither front nor rear had functioning lamps.

Another criticism: only a good 14 percent of all cyclists wore light-colored or reflective clothing for their own safety and only 13 percent wore a helmet. The reflectors required for all bicycles were also only available in just under half.

The ADAC advises regularly checking the bicycle lighting and points out that the lighting rules of the traffic regulations also apply to mountain bikes that are used in road traffic.

Especially in autumn and winter cycling without light is life-threatening. The previously poor visibility and weather conditions lead to longer reaction times for everyone on the road.

In the symbolic wheel-to-car duel, both sides are forced to be more considerate and alert.

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