ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test


Every sixth German parking garage fails the test

ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test-Bavaria

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According to the ADAC, several parking garages in Germany are too dark, too narrow and also too expensive.

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ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test-Wiesbaden

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The view into the multi-storey car park Kreuzstrasse 27 in Dusseldorf. Two parking garages in North Rhine-Westphalia did particularly badly in the ADAC’s new parking garage test.

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ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test-ADAC comparison

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The Kreuzstrasse multi-storey car park in downtown Dusseldorf came in last among the 50 systems tested.

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ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test-Dresden

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"Very poor", was the verdict of the ADAC examiners.

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ADAC: Every sixth German multi-storey car park fails the test-ADAC

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The verdict was three times in total "very poor" forgive. Only one time "very good".

Source: dpa / DPA

The ADAC awarded the grade three times in the current car park test "very poor". 50 parking garages were tested – one "very good" was there too.

I.In Germany-wide ADAC comparison, the verdict for some parking garages is devastating. Only the Wiesbaden large garage Kurhaus / Casino received the rating "very good ”, as the automobile club in Munich announced. The loser in the test is the Kreuzstrasse multi-storey car park in Dusseldorf, which only collected 2.9 percent of all possible points and included them "very poor ”.

The ADAC only awarded the rating once "very good ”and 13 times the rating "Well". In 28 cases the grade "sufficient ”, and five parking garages were also included "inadequate ”and three with "very poor ”. 50 parking garages were tested in the ten major cities of Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Wiesbaden.

A "very good" for Wiesbaden

The winner car park opened in 2006 in the Hessian state capital presented itself according to the testers "clear, bright, clean and handicapped accessible ”. In addition to wide parking spaces and ramps, the garage also has helpful staff who are on duty around the clock.

The multi-storey car parks in Berlin at Alexanderplatz, in Dresden at Wiener Platz / Hauptbahnhof and the garage at the Hanoverian Ernst-August-Galerie also performed well.

Tremendous price differences

The result of the Dusseldorf test loser was completely different: the entrance height of the building from the 1960s was much too low, the parking lot width too narrow and the building fabric was dilapidated.

The damning ADAC verdict: "Overall, neglected and dirty and anything but handicapped accessible, it is exactly the type of parking garage that one fears. "

Bad result also for Berlin and Cologne

Also with "very poor ”, the garages in Berlin’s Kalckreuthstrasse and Maastrichter Strasse in Cologne failed.

But the inspectors were not always pleased with the other parking garages either. According to the test, the recommended parking space width of 2.50 meters was only found in every third, barrier-free disabled parking space and hardly every second garage. Frequent points of criticism were also unsupervised women’s parking spaces, a lack of guidance systems for cars and pedestrians, and a lack of lighting.

Munich is the most expensive

There were also big differences in the pricing policy: The parking hour was the cheapest in Hanover with an average of 1.14 euros. In Munich, drivers had to pay almost three times as much, at EUR 3.10. Nationwide, the average was 1.83 euros per hour, with the ADAC rewarding consumer-friendly tariffs with short time units in the test.

The ADAC has already carried out the parking garage test for the second time. In the previous year, the first-placed large garage came from Munich, the loser from Hamburg. Overall, twelve of the 50 parking garages tested received the grade in 2010 "poor "or "very poor ".

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