ADAC: Berlin beats Munich in the parking garage test


Berlin beats Munich in the parking garage test

The ADAC checked 60 parking garages in 15 major European cities. None of them got a "very good". Many parking spaces were too narrow, driveways too low. The horror parking garage is in Austria.

F.rankfurt is in the European car park test of the ADAC Winner and loser at the same time. The underground car park at Frankfurt’s Goetheplatz in the city center is even Germany’s winner with the grade “good”, as the ADAC announced. In contrast, the “Moselstrasse” underground car park in the Bahnhofsviertel failed with a “poor” rating. The testers rated the parking garages at the Opera Tower and at the Hauptwache as “sufficient”.

The motorists’ club tested 60 car parks in 15 major European cities. Munich of all places, the city that is not unjustifiably proud of its traffic concept, came off worst in terms of parking in a German comparison.

The Isarparkhaus and the Schranne underground car park did not go beyond “sufficient”. There was a “poor” rating for the Hauptbahnhof Sud parking garage. The CarPark Cristal in Schwanthalerstrabe not far from the main train station even received a “very poor” rating. Decisive for the bad result were the steep incline of the entrance ramp of more than 15 percent and the too low entrance height of only 1.85 meters. Road coating and marking were to be found faulty. In addition, there were no special parking spaces for the disabled or families.

In contrast, there were consistently good grades in Berlin. The multi-storey car parks at Bahnhof Zoo, DomAquaree and KaDeWe (P1) received a "good" rating, only the Kulturbrauerei achieved a "sufficient" rating.

Glazed car park in Zurich

The European loser in the test is the Technical University underground car park in Operngasse in Vienna, which was built in 1985. Decisive for the "very poor" were unclear parking levels, steep entry and exit ramps, sharp-edged, wide walls that block the view of the user, bent sheet metal fittings on the curbs of the ramps, missing footpaths, emergency calls and toilets.

In a particularly tight 180-degree curve at the exit barrier, drivers had to maneuver so often that the gate closed again before they could leave the garage. The European test winner is the architecturally sophisticated Opera underground car park in Zurich’s Schillerstrabe. She received a "good". You can find all test results here.

The ADAC calls on the operators of existing parking garages to widen the parking spaces to at least 2.50 meters and to maintain an entrance height of at least two meters for new buildings and not to make the incline of the ramps steeper than 15 percent.

Right at the top of the urgency list: bright light in all areas. In addition, bright design of ceilings, walls and floors, a continuous guidance system to help with the search for a parking space, clearly understandable route guidance and video surveillance for the personal safety of the users.

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