70th birthday: How the Porsche legend should be preserved


How the Porsche legend should be preserved

70th birthday: How the Porsche legend should be preserved-

Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the supervisory board of the sports car manufacturer, with a new 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet in front of the Porsche villa in Stuttgart

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Waldorf school pupil, organic farmer and car fanatic: Wolfgang Porsche, the grandson of the Porsche founder, turns 70. His serenity during the takeover battle with VW earned him respect in the company.

M.At least once a year, Wolfgang Porsche walks safely with his 200 cattle behind him. “When they are driven away from the alpine pasture, I go up front from the Salzach to the valley,” Porsche said in a program on Sudwestrundfunk in winter. The offspring of the auto clan, which celebrates its 70th birthday on May 10th, is a part-time farmer – organic, of course – a nice change from diesel and engines.

His Pinzgau cows give 9,000 liters of milk on the family’s bulk goods in the Salzburger Land. “I like to do that,” Porsche freely admits. He loves being close to animals. Wolfgang Porsche – born in Stuttgart – spent the first years of his life on the bulk goods in Zell am See. The Porsches fled the war to the Salzburg region. He has since moved his main residence back there.

“He gathers his strength up there,” says Porsche works council chairman Uwe Huck, who has known him for years. Porsche has an unusually good reputation among employee representatives: "He is a self-confident employer with a big heart," says Huck.

The grandson of Porsche founder Ferdinand comes from the branch of the family that is considered anthroposophical. “I believe that it is very important not to crave profits, but to interact with people among people,” says Porsche in the SWR report. "WoPo" is a Waldorf student. While his cousin Ferdinand Piëch, the car designer and manager, is surrounded by an aura of cool aloofness and uncompromising willpower, Wolfgang Porsche is considered down-to-earth – a family man, conscious of tradition.

Peace of mind in the supervisory board

With his diplomatic manner, he managed to secure the interests of his company against the dominance of his cousin Piëch even after the unsuccessful attempt to take over VW. Porsche’s great-grandson Peter Daniell Porsche certified the controversial VW supervisory board a year ago as having a pure "lust for power".

His work on the Porsche Supervisory Board earned Porsche recognition. "It is an important haven of calm," says Uwe Huck about the work of the Porsche heritage in the control committee. Nevertheless, the public prosecutor’s office is now also investigating Wolfgang Porsche – there is suspicion of aiding and abetting market manipulation.

Porsche’s office in Zuffenhausen still looks like it was set up by his father Ferry Porsche. Porsche is also slowly thinking about who could inherit it one day. "We will have to decide in the next few years," he recently told the "Bild". "However, the inclinations and abilities of the possible successors from the family should match the tasks."

The pleasure in cars is definitely part of it. Even if Wolfgang Porsche only tells Porsche in confidence how many cars he has. That shouldn’t be in the media. But when he talks about his sports car, the car fan cannot hide a boyish joy.

A heart for Porsche tractors

“I recently drove the new 911 all-wheel drive from Zell to Salzburg with an 8.9 liter capacity,” he enthused at the coffee bar of the “Best Cars” industry get-together at the beginning of the year, and talked about his latest acquisition. The route he describes has 100 kilometers of uphill and downhill slopes. Something like that in the PS bolide with only 8.9 liters consumption – that pleases him. As a member of the PS clan, Porsche, who has a doctorate in commercial science, naturally has a weakness for technology like this.

His heart beats especially for the old Porsche tugs. The car manufacturer produced heavy tractors until well into the 1960s, "then the Americans came and there was nothing more to be earned with them," says Porsche in the SWR TV report.

For his 65th birthday, the Porsche workforce built him a go-kart. "WoPo" curved in it across the courtyard. Such images are allowed in the media. But there are others too. Roughly from the summer of 2009, when Wolfgang Porsche, in a tearful voice in the inner courtyard of the main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, called out the sentence to the workforce: "The Porsche legend lives and will never go under."

Such scenes are what give him the support of the workforce. With Uwe Huck it almost sounds like a declaration of love. He says: "I will always stand up for Wolfgang Porsche."

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