7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke


7 things that significantly increase the Schwacke price

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-Used cars

Coupling the smartphone with the car via Bluetooth is becoming more and more important – as is the hands-free system for making calls

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A car without air conditioning? Almost not for sale as a used car. The market watcher Schwacke names mandatory equipment that increases the value of a car. A surprising newcomer is there.

E.One surprising news first: The sunroof has had its day. You can ponder the reasons, but if you let Schwacke talk about the data, then the hatch in the roof is rather out.

At least that is the result of a current evaluation in which the market observer analyzed "the sustainability" of the equipment in the car. The leather upholstery is therefore not necessarily one of them, only from the upper middle class it is required for those interested in a used vehicle. For the evaluation, Schwacke examined the used vehicle offers for vehicles up to an age of five years.

One of the extras that are important in order to get rid of the old one as quickly as possible and with as much profit as possible is the central locking system across all vehicle segments. In the 80s, the version with radio remote control was an absolute luxury extra, but today it should no longer be missing in any used car.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-central locking

Cars without central locking are slowly dying out. Used ones without this former luxury extra sell badly

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The same applies to the air conditioning, which is now a matter of course, from luxury sedans to small cars. The trader knowledge “not for sale without a climate” still applies. And the automatic air conditioning is also becoming more and more important: A must from the middle class, it is also becoming more and more important in the lower vehicle classes, according to Schwacke.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-car

"Not for sale without air conditioning": With this slogan, car owners are repeatedly given a basket by used car dealers – if the equipment feature is not on board

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According to the evaluation, the surprises include parking assistance systems. Parking aids – from simple beepers to camera-based systems – saw the strongest increase in demand.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-sunroofs

Parking aids, like here in the cockpit of a Mini, have almost become a matter of course in new cars

Source: BMW

Another newcomer: the Bluetooth interface for coupling the smartphone with the infotainment system in the car. In the course of this, a hands-free system is also becoming more and more a matter of course.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-air conditioning

The connection between smartphones and cars is becoming important for more and more drivers

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The navigation system is just as important, because the navigation system has long been a sales-promoting tool for a used vehicle from the middle class onwards. Only in small cars is it hardly in demand so far, probably because the vast majority of all new cars in this price-sensitive segment are sold without permanently installed systems. According to the data experts, little interest on the part of new car buyers proves the low impact on the resale value.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-central locking

The navigation system is compulsory, albeit not as advanced as in the current Audi TT with the “virtual” cockpit

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One of the classics of the popular equipment features is the good, old aluminum rim. Schwacke uses the term "special rims", which should not be missing from the VW Passat and the like. However, the importance is also increasing in the lower vehicle classes; the steel rim seems to be gradually saying goodbye.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-Used cars

For many drivers, it is classically important that the rims are pretty. What they usually mean by this is to quickly replace the factory steel wheels with aluminum

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Seat heating, on the other hand, has made a miraculous career: only in small and very small cars is it usually accepted without complaint by used car buyers if there are no warm seats. But even there, interest is growing, says Schwacke.

7 features that increase the resale value at Schwacke-sunroofs

Seat heating, which was an unusual option in the Mini in 2003, for example, is increasingly becoming a standard feature in cars

Source: BMW

For new car buyers who are already planning to resell their vehicle, the findings of the car data service provider can mean real money: "Cars with popular extras can demonstrably be marketed at higher prices."

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