30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary


BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary

30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-tuning

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With more horsepower and a refined chassis, the BMW M5 comes onto the market for its 30th birthday.

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30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-cassette deck

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The power pack will be available in a limited edition of 300 pieces.

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30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-cassette deck

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The interior has been elegantly styled in typical BMW-M style.

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30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-boost pressure

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The rims and brake calipers also point to the Munich-based tuning company.

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30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-BMW

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Black leather seats are also part of the equipment.

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30 years: BMW is building a high-performance model for the M5 anniversary-sports car

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The side air outlet for the engine.

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For the 30th anniversary of the M5, BMW is bringing the most powerful production model ever built in Munich. The birthday grenade with 600 hp will cost almost 130,000 euros and will still be out of stock soon.

D.he Orwell year 1984. Computers are still as big as washing machines, the car radio still has a cassette deck, telephones have a cord and sports cars have two doors.

Because a sedan as a service provider was considered unthinkable for HP purists – until BMW announced a car that would change the world with a few dry words: Based on the proven BMW 5 Series, the engineers at BMW Motorsport GmbH developed a new, independent one Automobile, the BMW M5. "Outwardly almost unchanged compared to the basic model, the M5 offers high performance and superior driving potential," said the PR text at the time.

Now almost 30 years, five generations and well over 50,000 copies old, it also paved the way for a whole class of business bolides, cars like the Audi RS6 and Mercedes E 63 AMG, which have long since discovered racetracks like the Nordschleife as their ancestral territory.

In order to keep the competition at a distance and to celebrate the birthday appropriately, BMW is now launching a particularly powerful special model: With 600 hp, the anniversary edition is no less than the most powerful series vehicle in BMW history.

That goes very well with a car that actually has its roots in racing: because the basis for the first M5 could hardly have been better. After the Bavarians had already practiced earlier with an M535i and above all with the 6 Series Coupe, there was a decidedly sovereign chassis.

Sensational 6.1 seconds from zero to 100

And when the in-line six-cylinder from the legendary M1 was released because the World Automobile Federation Fia had changed the racing regulations and put an end to the Bayern Ferrari, the Business Express was perfect: 3.5 liter displacement, 286 hp and 340 At barely more than 1.4 tonnes in weight, Nm is enough for performance that took the testers’ breath away at the time.

6.1 seconds for the sprint to 100 km / h was hardly conceivable for a limousine at this time, with a top speed of 245 km / h you could still make an impression, and where sports drivers had previously had to squeeze into tight coupes that rumbled hard across the autobahn, there was plenty of space and prestige here.

The sports seats for the driver and front passenger were comfortably shaped and padded. Like the middle parts of the door panels, they were covered with a high-quality fabric. The rest of the doors, floor and parcel shelf as well as trunk were covered by fine velor. As far as technically feasible, the BMW M5 was available with all the special equipment that BMW offered for the 5 Series, including the brand new driver airbag.

Even more: “In terms of interior design, it meets the highest demands – with the possibility of very individual equipment. It is built by Motorsport GmbH as a special model to individual orders and is intended for those drivers who prefer the unusual combination of all the positive properties of a classic sports car with the advantages of a four-door sedan, ”the Munich-based company proudly reported.

Also economically successful

However, the exclusivity also had its price: at 80,750 marks, the BMW M5 cost more than twice as much as a BMW 528i, marking the top of the Bavarian price structure. This does not detract from the success of the nimble five: Just two years after it was launched, M GmbH recorded production of the number 1000, and when the last M5 based on the E28 was assembled in 1987, over 2200 vehicles were on the books.

That is remarkable, but only the foreword to a long success story. Because even the successor based on the E34, which was initially sold for 98,800 marks in 1988, had almost 12,000 units by the end of its term in 1995. At the start it had a 3.5 liter six-cylinder with 315 hp, which later came to 3.8 liters and 340 hp, and from 1992 it was also offered as a touring for the first time. After all, 900 customers then opted for the express transporter.

It was followed in 1998 by the first M5 with an eight-cylinder engine based on the E39. 400 hp from a five-liter displacement make the car the most powerful sedan of its time. And over 20,000 sales at prices that ended up at 75,500 euros make this M5 the most successful model from an economic point of view.

But as so often in the history of M GmbH, the superlatives of one generation only last until the debut of the next. That is why the fourth M5, presented in autumn 2004, once again became the fastest, most powerful and most expensive five-car in history.

For the first time it is available with a V10 engine for 86,200 euros, which normally mobilizes 400 and at the push of a button 507 hp, which accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds and is only limited to 250 km / h thanks to the common sense of the developers – because that The developers indicate that the speedometer scale does not reach up to 330 km / h for nothing.

New software, more boost pressure

Less is more – according to this motto, BMW deleted two cylinders again in 2011 when switching to the fifth generation. But because the 4.4 liter V8 is ventilated with two turbos, it still easily outperforms the V10 engine with its 560 hp. The M5, which currently costs at least 103,500 euros, manages the sprint in 4.4 seconds and with the optional M Drivers Package even reaches 305 km / h.

And now, just in time for the birthday, Bayern are proving once again that the M5 has not yet been fully exhausted. Because it only takes a little new software and more boost pressure to increase the power to 600 hp and at the same time increase the maximum torque to 700 Nm. Well worth the effort: For the first time in history, the M5 breaks the four-second mark and accelerates from zero to 100 in 3.9 seconds.

If you want to try it out yourself, you have to be almost as fast as the car. Because more than 300 copies of the birthday grenade are not built. Even at a basic price of 127,500 euros – at least 24,000 euros above the basic model and 14,000 euros above the M5 Competition, which served as the basis for the developers, the hottest M5 of all time should therefore be sold out quickly.

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