112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area


With the little monster in the red area

112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-Ducati

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The new Ducati Monster 821 has become a nice-to-drive and easy-to-use motorcycle that will replace the small, air-cooled monster models in the long term.

Source: Ducati

112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-Ducati

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After more than 20 years and 290,000 machines sold, the 821 can also be recognized as such. The well-known design line with a clear restriction to the functional areas and the sicThe durable front lattice frame remains the trademark of the model series.

Source: Ducati

112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-Ducati

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The mighty mufflers of the 2-in-1-in-2 exhaust system with the curved front manifold acoustically keep what they promise visually.

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112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-Ducati

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The powerful rumble of the two-cylinder is a first-degree pleasure.

Source: Ducati

112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-maximum performance

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The Monster 821 makes it easy to make friends with her quickly. The handlebars are four centimeters higher than the 796 and, above all, the same value closer to the Driver moved.

Source: Ducati

112 hp bike: With the little monster in the red area-maximum performance

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However, only the handbrake lever can be adjusted, which is all the more regrettable as the clutch requires a bit of force despite the smoother springs. Not quite convincing eitherhe right footrest.

Source: Ducati

The Ducati Monster 821 has become a nice to drive and easy to handle motorcycle that will soon replace the small air-cooled monster models. But it also has its weaknesses.

L.ou at first glance works differently. Anyone who still remembers the Ducati Monster 1200 with its many fine details will quickly recognize that the Monster 821 was created under a certain austerity dictate. Among other things, the beautiful single-sided swing arm and the adjustment options of the USD fork were sacrificed.

This is understandable, because the Monster 821 should not cost much more than 10,000 euros despite its complex Testastretta engine, while the twelve hundred costs almost 3000 euros more. A driving test proves: The Monster 821 has become a wonderfully rideable motorcycle that doesn’t make you think about its big sister all the time.

This is mainly thanks to the powerful two-cylinder engine. The data sheet names 112 hp and a considerable torque of around 90 Newton meters. Despite the sporty engine layout, the torque curve is by no means particularly sharp, so that even at medium speeds there is practically always more than enough power available.

In addition, the engine whizzes through the rev range up to almost 10,000 tours when required, so that it is pure pleasure. Hardly anyone will complain about more than 5.5 liters of country road consumption when driving very quickly.

75 HP maximum power in urban mode

The engine management of the new Monster has also been modernized. Since the full electronization of the Monster 821 also enables ABS and traction control to be included, the three motor mappings have become three different driving programs.

They are called Urban, Touring and Sport and differ not only in the more or less direct response of the engine to throttle movements, but also in the intervention thresholds of ABS and traction control; in the case of urban mode, the maximum output is also limited to 75 hp.

This technology of the Monster 821 is also derived from the 1200, which applies to the tubular space frame as well as, for example, to the headlight, which has a pretty LED chain on the edge. The wonderful curve of the manifold system on the right-hand side of the vehicle and the cast pillion footrest extensions can also be found on both vehicles.

But it also has its weaknesses: With the 821, the right driver’s boot cannot be placed in a sporty manner with the ball of the foot on the notch because there is no space to the rear. You’re constantly beating your heel on the muffler.

Sonorous babbling from the exhaust

The muffler is omnipresent for the driver because the Ducati technicians have succeeded in creating a really ingenious sound on the Monster 821. If the exhaust noise at idle can still be described as sonorous babbling, even at slow speed it turns into a roar, which increases continuously with increasing speed.

The Italian homologation skills in connection with an electronically controlled exhaust flap are responsible for this. In connection with the Monster 821, the phrase about "shooting around" has a previously unknown meaning.

So: shooting around is great. Not just acoustically, but also in terms of driving dynamics. Because the well-coordinated chassis is firm and direct enough for sporty vaporizing and at the same time comfortable enough not to damage the intervertebral discs straight away.

Just as razor-sharp as the chassis – the wheelbase is noticeably shorter than that of the 1200 Monster – the fine three-disc brake system does its job, which also has a differently adjustable, very high-quality Bosch ABS.

The downside of the very active suspension setup is that the suspension reacts nervously to subtle bumps in the road surface; We also recorded a slight tendency to stand up when braking in bends. That is not critical, but at first it is irritating.

Gear indicator is missing

The 821 driver has to cut back on his colleague on the 1200 with the display in the cockpit: it is monochrome instead of colored and has only one surface. That’s not really bad, because the readability is fine. It’s just a shame that Ducati doesn’t provide a gear indicator on the 821 either. The fact that an automatic turn signal reset would also be useful is only marginally noted.

The fact that you can enjoy the offered driving pleasure in the seat of the 821 for much longer than with the air-cooled models is one of the main pluses: The tank has grown from 13.5 to 17.5 liters, so that a range of almost 300 kilometers now appears possible.

The seat, which is now adjustable in two heights, has been significantly upgraded: it is now better padded in both the driver and passenger areas.

In matte black, the Monster 821 will be available this month for 10,490 euros; the standard version, available in red and matt white with red wheels, is 200 euros more expensive; the pillion seat cover is included in the price. Because it is also available as a 48 hp version, it is also of interest to A2 drivers. So it doesn’t have to hide from any competitor. But that takes a second look.

The trip to the presentation of the Monster 821 was supported by Ducati. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at www.axelspringer.de/unabhaengigkeit

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